7 Signs Your Business Should Outsource Cloud Security

The business benefits of moving to the cloud are myriad, from increased efficiency to reduced costs and even expanded business opportunities. And while there has been some circulating fear around how secure a business’s data can really be in the cloud, a recent study found that 94 percent of businesses actually saw an improvement in their security posture after moving to the cloud.

Of course, moving your data and systems to the cloud isn’t risk-free, as the many data breaches that have graced the news over the last few years prove. If you want to benefit from the cloud but not open yourself up to all kinds of vulnerability, you need to invest in security.
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Threat Stack, the XOR DDoS and the Groundhog Variant

While the XOR DDoS Trojan has been active for over a year, we’ve seen a recent surge of coverage and blog posts recently. We’ve also seen the Groundhog variant emerge. This has prompted a few of our customers to ask how their Threat Stack deployment will detect this type of attack and activity as well as what new rules need to be added to detect this.

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