8 Min Read October 4, 2016

Useful Scala Compiler Options, Part 3: Linting

In my previous two posts on Scala Compiler options, we saw a number that can improve your experience developing Scala. In this post I want to focus on one option in particular: -Xlint.If you thought the other options made your life better, this one will improve it by leaps and bounds.

4 Min Read September 26, 2016

My Journey in Scala, Part 3: None is Better Than Undefined

Here’s the situation: At Threat Stack we consume a torrent of security event data every day, and as many new customers come on board, the amount of data we need to ingest, transform, store, and retrieve just keeps growing. About a year ago, we implemented a caching layer to allow us to display more aggregated […]

5 Min Read August 26, 2016

Useful Scala Compiler Options Part 2: Advanced Language Features

Scala offers a number of advanced language features that are disabled by default. If you try to use any of them, the compiler will generate a warning informing you of their usage. There are a number of reasons that you might want to enable features (or keep them disabled). In this post, we will explore […]

5 Min Read August 24, 2016

SELECT This! Scala Data Access Library Review, Part 1

At Threat Stack we love databases, and as we started to expand our Scala code base, we quickly realized we wanted to standardize on a way to talk to the RDMS within our Scala projects. As we explored the realm, we came across four projects that seemed to have the most potential: ScalikeJDBC, Quill, Jooq, and Doobie. […]

6 Min Read August 9, 2016

Useful Scala Compiler Options for Better Scala Development: Part 1

At Threat Stack, we like to leverage our tools to the fullest. Since we use Scala, it only makes sense for us to always be looking into ways of getting the most out of the Scala Compiler to enhance our productivity. And, as it turns out, the Scala Compiler offers a number of features that makes […]

5 Min Read July 19, 2016

My Journey in Scala, Part 2: Tips for Using IntelliJ IDEA

After spending significant time in dynamic languages, learning Scala can be challenging, so having the right tools (like IntelliJ) at your fingertips can make all the difference.