Contextual Data: Answering Who, What, Where, When

What if one day you came home and a bunch of your valuables had been stolen: computers, jewelry, that big screen TV. When you call the police to report the burglary, the first thing they will ask for to begin the investigation is context:

What time did it happen?

Was there a break-in? If not, who had keys to your house?

Where were your valuables being stored?

The more information they have, the better the chances they they will track down the culprit and get your stuff back. Now, if you have a home surveillance system set up — say, a Dropcam or Canary — they’re going to have even more information to work with: timestamps, video footage, audio, etc.

All in all — the more context you have, the better. The same applies to cloud security. When something goes awry, context is what guides you about what to do, where to start investigating, who’s at fault.

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