Compliance in the Cloud: Q&A Webinar Recap

On April 25th, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Buckner, Principal at Schellman & Company and Kevin Eberman, Director of Ops at MineralTree during a webinar on compliance in the cloud.

Using the cloud as our lens, we discussed the ways in which companies can better understand and navigate compliance. You can view the entire webinar or read our recap below. Read more “Compliance in the Cloud: Q&A Webinar Recap”

Why You Need to be Compliant Much Sooner Than You Think

We’ve been talking a lot about compliance lately. That’s because, as more businesses are moving to the cloud and storing internal and customer data there, the means to achieving compliance change significantly. But it’s not the approach to compliance that changes in the cloud, it’s the tooling, as we explained in our post How Does Compliance Differ In The Cloud Versus On-Premise? So as more businesses move to the cloud or operate hybrid environments, we want to help them become clear about what they need to do and, for the purpose of this post, when they need to do it.

Read more “Why You Need to be Compliant Much Sooner Than You Think”