Monitorama 2016: Monitoring Tools and the People Who Use Them

If I learned one thing at Monitorama 2016 in Portland, Oregon, it’s this: it has never been easier to monitor your infrastructure. Not only have the tools come a long way in the last few years, but the community and perspectives on monitoring have rallied as well, by focusing on the people who build and use monitoring systems.

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CVE-2014-6271 And You: A Tale Of Nagios And The Bash Vulnerability

The internet is yet again feeling the aftereffects of another “net shattering” vulnerability: a bug in the shell ‘/bin/bash’ that widely affects Linux distributions and is trivial to exploit. The vulnerability exposes a weakness in bash that allows users to execute code set in environment variables, and in certain cases allows unauthenticated remote code execution.

Possible vectors for attack include: