New eBook: Myth Busting Intrusion Detection

Your Guide to Intrusion Detection for Modern Infrastructure

Many organizations that need cloud security are laboring behind a cloud of myths — unable to clearly define their requirements and match them to technology solutions and best practices that will enable them to operate securely at speed and scale in the cloud. Our new eBook — Myth Busting Intrusion Detection — is designed to clarify these issues. Read more “New eBook: Myth Busting Intrusion Detection”

The History of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) – Part 1

Great applied technology typically needs enabling partner technology, and it will struggle to make headway until that partner appears. For decades, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) technology struggled to deliver efficient, high quality intrusion monitoring, and is only now experiencing success with the arrival of an unintentional enabling partner technology – cloud computing.

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3 Reasons Why the Host Rules Cloud IDS

To truly appreciate why companies like Threat Stack point to the Cloud as a watershed event in their corner of the software industry, one must push past the hype and worn platitudes about “the Cloud with a capital C.” The reality is that it is the side effects that have caused such a large impact, like cost of operation as a function of scaled purchasing power and the forcing of software-only solutions.

This has certainly been felt in intrusion detection systems (IDS). They have traditionally been deployed as network hardware devices enabled by access to the network infrastructure, but are struggling to find relevance in a world where the traditional network boundary no longer exists.

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Webinar: Intrusion Detection for Elastic Cloud Deployments

Cloud security was by far the biggest theme at the AWS Summit in New York this year. Specifically, intrusion detection in the cloud: How does it work? How can it provide what traditional solutions simply cannot? Since this topic deserves much more detailed attention, we have decided to host an entire webinar on this topic.

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