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Investigating Kubernetes Attack Scenarios in Threat Stack (part 2)

Nathan Paulhus

May 19, 2020

In part one of this two-part series, I showed how Threat Stack captures detailed metadata about operating system behaviors as they happen. I used the ...

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Investigating Kubernetes Attack Scenarios in Threat Stack (part 1)

Nathan Paulhus

April 23, 2020

Kubernetes operators are getting better at protecting the clusters from external attacks. This is a success story for many companies that adopted ...

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Go Behind the Scenes of a Docker Cryptojacking Attack

Robin Stone

April 10, 2019

When Threat Stack security analyst Ethan Hansen saw an alert in a customer’s environment that read /temp [RANDOM] cnrig, he knew his afternoon was ...

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21 Developers & Docker Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes People Make When Switching to Docker Containers

John Shoenberger

February 6, 2019

Containerized environments are increasingly popular, and Docker remains the most popular container solution for developers. But the process of moving ...

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5 Common Myths Around Moving to Docker

Megan Rees Ahigian

August 14, 2017

As you probably know by now, containers are a high-priority topic at companies of all sizes. But there are a lot of myths surrounding this technology ...

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Why Docker Can’t Solve All Your Problems in the Cloud

Chris Gervais

June 27, 2017

Docker and other container services are appealing for good reason. They are lightweight and flexible. For many organizations, they enable the next ...

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5 Posts to Revisit Before 2016 – #2 Identifying Insider Threats Within Your Docker Containers

Threat Stack Marketing Team

December 23, 2015

This post is part of a series in which we review key cloud security topics from our most-read blog posts from 2015. ...

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Threat Stack Year-End Update

Threat Stack Marketing Team

December 15, 2015

It’s December, which in Boston means we’re stocking up on L.L. Bean boots and hunkering down for a cold, snowy winter. 2015 has been an ...

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Identifying Insider Threats Within Your Docker Containers

Nathan Cooprider

November 5, 2015

Docker. It’s a thing. A big thing. Actually, it’s a bunch of little things. Things called containers that like to pretend they’re running in ...