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8 Best Practices for Strengthening Security in Cloud-Native Environments

Stephen Fitzgerald

November 19, 2019

Cloud-native companies and larger companies migrating to cloud environments continue to see the cloud as a way to gain speed, reliability, and ...

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What Happens When You Sacrifice Security for Speed (And Common Ways Security Gets Sacrificed)

Pat Cable

May 3, 2018

No matter where you sit in your organization, you should know what happens when you sacrifice security for speed. Threat Stack recently surveyed ...

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Best SecOps Tools: 50 Must-Have Tools For Your SecOps Arsenal

Christian Lappin

April 11, 2018

SecOps is a multi-faceted function tasked with a variety of responsibilities, not the least of which is coming up with secure software and ...

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How Threat Stack Does DevOps — Series Overview

Bob Allin

March 23, 2018

Pete Cheslock, Threat Stack’s Senior Director of Operations, has just published a four-part blog series that gives deep insights into his ...

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How Threat Stack Does DevOps (Part IV): Making Engineers Accountable

Pete Cheslock

March 21, 2018

Early on at Threat Stack, we focused on giving engineers the tools and ownership over their applications that would empower them to deploy and manage ...

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How to Integrate Security Into a DevOps World

Franklin Mosley

March 20, 2018

DevOps Security Introduction by Pete Cheslock, Senior Director Operations, Threat Stack Today we’re pleased to have Franklin Mosley, Senior ...

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How Threat Stack Does DevOps (Part III): Measuring and Optimizing System Health

Pete Cheslock

March 19, 2018

One of the most important things that any company can do to benefit from DevOps is define and implement useful, actionable metrics for visibility ...

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How Threat Stack Does DevOps (Part II): Engineering for Rapid Change

Pete Cheslock

March 16, 2018

Many organizations struggle with how and when to deploy software. I’ve worked at some companies where we had a “deploy week.” This was at least ...

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Destiny is Defined by the Journey: Acquired by Palo Alto Networks

Brian Ahern

March 15, 2018

Congratulations to on having your cloud story acquired by Palo Alto Networks. Your vision, passion, and commitment have been rightly ...

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How Threat Stack Does DevOps (Part I): Best Practices in the Wild

Pete Cheslock

March 14, 2018

As Senior Director of Operations at Threat Stack, I am repeatedly asked one question by our customers: “How does Threat Stack 'do’ ...

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52% of Companies Sacrifice Cybersecurity for Speed — Webinar Recap

Threat Stack Marketing Team

March 13, 2018

Our recent survey found that over 50% of companies admit to cutting back on security measures to meet a business deadline or objective. As long as ...

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How CEOs Can Be a Cybersecurity Liability (And What to Do About It)

Michal Ferguson

February 28, 2018

Good CEOs are committed to moving their companies forward, increasing revenue, and ensuring that their teams are productive. When business challenges ...

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5 Years in Review: 4 Can’t-Miss Posts From Our Archive of 450+

Threat Stack Marketing Team

October 13, 2017

Five years is a blink of the eye in time, but in technology, a lot can happen. This year, we’re celebrating the fifth year of the Threat Stack ...

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How to Use Ops Tools for Security and Security Tools for Ops

Tim Armstrong

February 17, 2017

Investing in SecOps doesn’t just mean hiring folks who know how to blend together software development, IT operations, and security skillsets. It ...

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Boston Cloud Security & Incident Management Workshop Recap

Tom McLaughlin

January 13, 2017

Last night we got together with our good friends from PagerDuty to host an event at District Hall in the Seaport area of Boston. It was a fun ...

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5 Things Security Can Learn From Operations’ Transition Into DevOps

Tom McLaughlin

December 2, 2016

Over the past couple of years, a discussion has been brewing in the Security community about the future of its work. On one hand, the need for a ...

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The 5 Ingredients of a Successful SecOps Implementation

Pete Cheslock

November 3, 2016

Ask three people what SecOps is and chances are you’ll get three different descriptions: It’s a team It’s a job title It’s a ...

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Will SecOps Finally Close the Security and Operations Gap? A Q&A with Pete Cheslock

Pete Cheslock

October 27, 2016

At Threat Stack, we’ve been a SecOps-oriented team from day one. This means our developers, operations, and security practitioners all work ...

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How to Monitor Network Activity When Your Infrastructure Lacks an Edge

Pete Cheslock

September 29, 2016

It won’t be long before network perimeters are a thing of the past. As companies continue to adopt the cloud, either going all-in or operating in ...

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Why Did We Need to Invent DevSecOps?

Tom McLaughlin

June 1, 2016

While the term "DevSecOps" has started to come up more often recently, we’re still wrapping our heads around “DevOps” to answer questions such ...

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The Weekly DevOps and Security News Brief

Kristin Dziadul

June 26, 2015

A ton has happened in the world of devops and security this week! Here are the top posts we saw around the community. ...