How SaaS Companies Can Build a Compliance Roadmap for 2018

As a SaaS company, compliance is probably the last thing you want to think about as you kick off the new year. It can be complicated, but meeting compliance requirements can also open up new markets, speed up your sales process, and improve your company’s overall security posture. When it comes to improving your security maturity, compliance can serve as a useful part of your strategy.

Entering new markets, whether you’re targeting specific industry verticals or going after international customers, requires continuous education and awareness about the latest in compliance and regulatory standards as they relate to data privacy and security. With that in mind, this post takes a brief look at key standards in order to give you insights into the security and privacy requirements that may be pertinent to the way your SaaS company engages with prospects and customers and handles sensitive data. Read more “How SaaS Companies Can Build a Compliance Roadmap for 2018”