The Top 5 Things Companies Handling PHI Need to Know About Cloud Security

An increasing number of healthcare organizations are transitioning from data centers to cloud computing today. Healthcare CIOs are, like those in many other industries, turning to the cloud to realize benefits that include efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. Some experts argue that this increased use of the cloud opens them up to more security challenges, but in fact the cloud isn’t necessarily any less secure than traditional computing — and in many cases, it is more secure. It’s a matter of using it intelligently and building a complete and appropriate security strategy.

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Does “Cloud-Native” Really Matter When it Comes to Cloud Security?

Cloud-native: It’s an adjective that gets tossed around a lot, but we don’t frequently unpack its meaning or its value for businesses.

Today we want to talk about what cloud-native means in the context of cloud security and whether it’s truly necessary. Cloud-native means that a piece of software was built in the cloud, for the cloud. When it comes to security, a cloud-native platform is a natural fit for protecting cloud-based data. But is it a must-have?

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A Guide to Assess Where You Stand With Cloud Security

Cloud security is a sprint and a marathon. A sprint in that security teams must quickly put the right defenses in place to address zero-day attacks and persistent threats in the short term, and a marathon in that an organization’s security posture needs to be regularly evaluated and improved on over the long term to address new and evolving threats and compliance regulations.

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3 Key Practices for Enabling Cloud Security

To explore the complex and sometimes confusing topic of cloud security more deeply, we recently hosted a webinar in which Vikram Varakantam, Threat Stack Director of Product Strategy, and Ilya Kalinin, senior DevOps engineer at AdRoll, talked through some of the top issues that need to be considered when organizations are scaling cloud infrastructure securely (up or down). 



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