Snorby Cloud is Now Available

Packet Stash, Inc is proud to announce that Snorby Cloud is now available to the public. For those of you just joining us, Snorby Cloud is an instantly deployable, analyst-friendly, and hassle free Network and Host Security monitoring solution by the creators of Snorby.


Interested in giving us a test run? Looking for that little form where you fill out your information and an over-eager sales guy calls you a week later? As security practitioners, we’ve always hated this practice as the product should be able to speak for itself without someone actively convincing you over the phone. We want to try something different. Starting today, you can try out the fully functional Snorby Cloud for free and without a credit card.

Since the beta in November, we’ve added a ton of amazing features. Each one of them deserves its own blog post and we will be extolling their virtues over the coming weeks. Briefly, these features are:

  1. The Unified Snorby Agent
  2. Full Packet Capture
  3. Session Tracking
  4. Detailed Packet Analysis
  5. Fully-Featured Host Base Intrusion Detection System
  6. On Demand Forensic Data

The New Snorby Cloud UI

  1. Fluid Width Layout
  2. Real-time Analyst Chat
  3. Event Collaboration Features
  4. Direct Communication with Snorby Agents – Request PCAP, Sessions, and Forensic Data

Blazing Fast Agent Deployment

  1. One Command Installation script
  2. Five Minute Agent Deployment

Custom Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Two Factor Authentication via Smart Phone App, Text Message, or Phone call
  2. OAuth2 Provider – Leverage our auth for your security app

To put this into perspective, the majority of this development has taken place over the last thirty days. We’re excited about this rate of development and hope to provide our customers with many more innovations throughout 2013 and beyond.

Why the Cloud?

When Dustin Webber created and launched Snorby in 2009, he had a vision of creating an application that made the process of analyzing and classifying events as accessible and simple as possible for security analysts.

Now in 2013, the typical security analyst needs more than a single packet payload to analyze. They need to stand up sensor infrastructure quickly, interrogate systems in real-time, view logs from hundreds of sources, track compromised assets, obtain immediate containment and collaborate with colleagues in a trusted community.

We want to solve these problems, and to do it we need more than an innovative web application. We need an ecosystem of software and services that work together seamlessly under a single unified interface.

The Snorby Cloud platform allows us to instantly deploy this ecosystem of software and tools to you with an experience that meets our standards.

We hope this doesn’t worry our open source users. As long as there is breath in our bodies, Snorby will remain remain free, open source, and most importantly, useful.

Product Philosophy

Like most security vernacular, the phrases “Network Security Monitoring” and “Host Security monitoring” have become overloaded and abused by the commercial industry. When we built Snorby Cloud we kept the following philosophies in mind:

Security solutions should be opinionated

Security tools built by experts should have their experience and expertise codified into the workflow and design of the software.

Unfortunately, we continually see this process hijacked by individuals and organizations attempting to make software broader in an effort to increase sales. These wimpy products don’t guide an inexperienced user, they simply present them with endless amounts of arbitrary configuration options. Ultimately the user digitizes and speeds up their already flawed analysis workflows and they end up unsatisfied.

Part of the value of our software is that we remove these arbitrary decisions and present you with a logical user interface that mimics the workflow we’ve used in our professional security careers to successfully detect the bad guys. We think this is important and will continue to codify the expertise and experience of our staff into every product we produce.

Humans are still King

We believe human confirmation of security events is essential prior to escalation. Our software is built to augment the value-add step of human analysis, not replace it.

Collaboration is Key

Speaking of humans, they apparently like to work together to solve problems. We firmly believe that security analysts should be able to collaborate using the software they use to investigate security events.


Accessible to All

When we built Snorby Cloud we tried to keep in mind our friend Brett. Perhaps you know Brett? He’s that IT guy for that small or medium sized business you know. Poor Brett. He is in charge of the entire company’s IT services and infrastructure and even user support. Brett doesn’t have two things that he desperately needs, time and money. That means Brett doesn’t want to plunk down 20% of his IT budget for that security appliance and that extra 50k a year for the mandatory support contract. Brett also doesn’t have time to learn how to use poorly designed software and attend that customer seminar.

What Brett needs is an opinionated solution built by experts for a generalist to help him protect his infrastructure. We are committed to keeping our product accessible from a price and usability perspective to our friend Brett. He deserves it.

Tech Stars Cloud 2013

One last thing we would like to announce is Packet Stash’s acceptance into Tech Stars Cloud 2013. We’re excited to be a part of Tech Stars as they are considered one of the top startup accelerators in the world.

From their website:

TechStars Cloud is a thematic accelerator that will fund companies focused on cloud computing and cloud infrastructure.  Because TechStars Cloud is targeting cloud startups exclusively, we’ve assembled the world’s best and brightest mentors with deep cloud technology expertise.  Mentors including Pat Condon (Founder, Rackspace Hosting), Jeff Lawson(Founder/CEO, Twilio), Brad Feld (Foundry Group), George Karidis (CSO, SoftLayer), Rajat Bhargava (Founder/CEO, StillSecure), and dozens more are all joining our mission to help promising cloud technology companies become the best in the world

Next week the Packet Stash founders will be relocating to San Antonio for three months to work with these amazing mentors with the goals of rapidly scaling our infrastructure and further improving our solution for new and existing customers.

If you are an investor interested in learning more, please contact us at [email protected]