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Post Mortem: Death Star Data Breach by ROGUE ONE

Recently the Galactic Empire’s Death Star plans were leaked due to a security breach on the planet Scarif. A threat actor known as ROGUE ONE carried out the breach with support from the Rebel Alliance fleet. This post mortem has been commissioned by the Imperial Security Bureau and documents what is currently known while active investigation continues.

This breach is not expected to delay construction of the Death Star. The battle station is expected to be operational by its previously announced date, if not before.


The Imperial Death Star is a mobile space station and super-weapon platform. Its design predates the Galactic Empire, having originally been designed and construction commissioned by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. With their defeat by the Galactic Republic, construction was appropriated by the newly formed Galactic Empire. The Death Star is a major strategic and tactical enhancement to the Tarkin Doctrine, which uses fear as a mechanism to maintain order throughout the galaxy. While Regional Governors are typically able to maintain order, pockets of resistance in the form of the Rebel Alliance still remain in some systems. This resistance has resulted in protracted war for much of the Galactic Empire’s existence. The Death Star is expected to restore order through two means:

  • Fear of System Annihilation
  • System Annihilation

Parts of the Imperial Death Star’s plans have been subject to breaches before. Previously limited information has been disclosed by independent actors.


ROGUE ONE is the threat actor that has been determined to be the adversary that successfully infiltrated Imperial defenses. It is believed they are closely linked to, if not a part of, the Rebel Alliance. Its members appear to have been Rebel special operations, intelligence, and previously independent actors. The actor previous to the planet Scarif is believed to have been involved with insurgency operations against Imperial troopers on the planet Jedah. Due to the unusual makeup of the team, it is impossible to tell their exact affiliation with the Rebel Alliance. While we can ascertain that they have aligned themselves with the Rebel Alliance, we cannot confirm whether ROGUE ONE is a part of Rebel military, intelligence, or one of many loosely aligned splinter factions. Previous to Jedah and Scarif, ROGUE ONE was an unheard of entity. It cannot be confirmed whether the actor is still in operation or not.

What Happened?

Recently ROGUE ONE launched a strategic infiltration on the planet Scarif in an effort to obtain Death Star plans. Through a review of transport logs, it is believed the infilitration occurred through the use of a stolen Imperial fleet transport ship which contained still-active security credentials. From there it is believed that the actor launched multiple coordinated campaigns in an effort to disrupt and extract information. The known campaigns were:

  • Rebel trooper action on the planet ground, which launched multiuple offenses against the Imperial base.
  • Rebel covert action inside the base. Little is known about these actors. All that is known is through suspicous entry logs and the triggering of internal defenses as a response.
  • Rebel fleet action over the planet attacked the planet’s Shield Gate. Of note is what appears to be a lack of coordination between this campaign and the first two. We cannot explain this anomaly and assume that it was due to operational error on the third campaign’s part.

Star Wars Data Breach.jpg

The actions on Scarif appear to indicate a highly coordinated and well-planned breach. With the excpetion of what appears to have been an operational error by the Rebel fleet, this has been the most sophisticated breach of Imperial security thus far.

Extent of the Damage

Our preliminary assessment of the damage caused by ROGUE ONE is as follows:

  • The plans provide detailed information about the construction of the Death Star, but we consider them to be of minimal intelligence value. We are highly confident of the Death Star’s design and defenses. We are confident that only a single copy of the plans has been leaked and that they have not been copied and redistributed by those who received the transmission. A star destroyer commanded by Lord Vader has been detached to track down the copy of the plans.
  • Imperial operations on the planet Scarif have been impacted. *SPOILER* Imperial assets on the planet have been lost entirely. The planet remains usable but would require the Empire to devote significant time and resources to making it useful. We do not expect our resources on the planet to be rebuilt. A security detachment is currently assessing what can be recovered.
  • The construction schedule for the Death Star is being re-evaluated in light of the breach. The construction planet is no longer as well defended as it once was, and while we consider the intelligence value of the plans to be low, we expect it to embolden the Rebel Alliance to potentially attempt new attacks. Having the firepower of a fully armed and operational battle station would have an appreciable effect on our defenses.

Where Security Went Wrong

Current Imperial doctrine holds that the edge is the most vital part of our defenses. While we have defenses internally, they have proven to be inadequate. Once the Shield Gate was breached through the use of credentials that should have been revoked, ROGUE ONE was able to land forces on the planet and covertly infiltrate our base. We appear to have limited visibility once breached.

We have numerous ground forces, but many are ill equipped or improperly trained. (Large portions of the Imperial Army are deficient in marksmanship and cannot be counted on when needed.) Our force that emphasizes quantity over quality in our ranks provides considerable budgetary strain on the Empire, preventing the progress of many new projects and better training. In addition, it is becoming harder to find replacements across the galaxy. Keeping the ones we have and improving them is a better long-term investment in our forces than watching our ill-equipped and ill-trained forces die on the battlefield.

Our credentials management is weak. The stolen transport credentials came from a ship that had previously been on a planet where the Rebel Alliance had launched a surprise attack. These credentials should have been revoked but remained active. With possession of these, ROGUE ONE was able to navigate our facilities mostly unchallenged.

Security Measures to Prevent Further Incidents

The following measures are recommended to prevent a repeat of this incident:

  • Greater internal security visibility. Once our edge security is breached, we have limited visibility into a threat actor’s movements. We need to introduce a better layered defense approach. Greater emphasis needs to be placed on monitoring. We need to know who did what, when within our permineter.
  • Greater training of Imperial Stormtroopers. Marksmanship standards need to be developed and adopted. From there, a training program needs to be implemented that levels up our current forces.
  • Improved credentials management. Credentials from known compromised facilities need to be revoked in a timely manner.
  • Establish an atmosphere of trust. People need to be encouraged to report issues in a timely manner without fear of reprisal. Most of the Empire is aware of stories of people who have lost imperial assets being on the receiving end of a Force choke.

— The Imperial Security Bureau