Building Strong Partnerships: Why We’re a Proud Sponsor of the PagerDuty Summit

After the Threat Stack team attended last week’s PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco, it became clear why PagerDuty is the market leader in agile incident management solutions. Not only do they have a great product, they also have an active community of users who are driving the conversation around incident response in the twenty-first century.

As a Gold Sponsor and a PagerDuty Technology Partner, Threat Stack was excited to talk to this community of users, customers, and employees about the latest tools and strategies for improving incident response and building stronger DevOps teams.

The conversations were outstanding, as were the food, drink, music (compliments of DJ Gordo Cabeza), and presentations, which featured DevOps thought leader Gene Kim and exciting new product announcements.

At the Summit, the Threat Stack team responded to a flood of questions from people asking about Threat Stack’s relationship with PagerDuty. In fact, there were so many questions that we felt the subject deserved its own blog post. So below is a brief explanation of how our relationship came to be, what it has achieved, and where it’s going.

The Beginning

Our relationship with PagerDuty started a couple of years back when Threat Stack’s Pete Cheslock (Head of Ops & Support), Sam Bisbee (CTO), and Chris Gervais (VP of Engineering) signed us up as new PagerDuty Customers. At the time, the decision was easy: we knew that to be successful our company needed to respond quickly to any support incidents or customer questions to assure the best product experience possible. PagerDuty fit that need and worked within our existing operations process. What more could we ask for.

As we began working with PagerDuty internally, it became obvious that PagerDuty and Threat Stack were two key components of the same Ops toolkit. Threat Stack — the identification and alert engine for security events, and PagerDuty  the real-time notification for teams had to jump up and respond immediately. It only made sense to us (and our existing customers) that we create an integration between Threat Stack and PagerDuty to streamline our DevOps workflow. It wasn’t long before we made this integration available to our joint community of users, and in April 2015 we announced that Threat Stack was joining the PagerDuty partner ecosystem with our new integration.

In December 2015, PagerDuty became a Threat Stack customer, further solidifying the relationship and proving that both companies not only shared some of the same tools, but also the same approach to building quickly — and securely — in the cloud.

Our relationship continued to grow, and in June 2016, Threat Stack, PagerDuty, and AWS delivered a joint webinar: “Scaling Quickly & Securely: Achieving Security & Compliance in AWS.”

Scaling Quickly & Securely
Achieving Security & Compliance in AWS


In this webinar, the three companies discussed the current state of cloud security and key steps for achieving cloud security and compliance in AWS.

Since then, we’ve continued to work with PagerDuty by spreading the word to DevOps and security teams alike that running agile incident response and security is no longer a “nice to have”, but is a “must have” for any fast-moving company that wants to protect its future, reduce risk, and grow in today’s hostile threat environment.

The Future

This walk down memory lane was fun, but it’s also a reminder of how how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time and how much we value our friends at PagerDuty.