Introducing Brian Ahern as Threat Stack’s New Chairman & CEO

Today we are pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Ahern as our new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer here at Threat Stack. Passionate about building companies around disruptive technologies, Brian comes to Threat Stack from Industrial Defender, a global leader in cybersecurity, compliance and change management solutions for industrial control systems, where he was Founder and CEO.

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Applying The Principles of The Quantified Self to ​Cloud Security

I like the ideas behind quantified self. This has not driven me to purchase an Apple Watch, but I am now on my second fitbit. I also use MyFitnessPalRunKeeperMint, and Jenkins. These services provide low-friction visibility to otherwise obscured aspects of my life. The first step to self-improvement is to “know thyself.”

Quantified self introduces an aspect of continuous monitoring to my life. I could view snapshots into my health every year at my physical or just kind of eyeball my health based on looking in the mirror, but neither of those provides the visibility to optimize my health. And auditing my finances every year at tax time is better than nothing, but that by itself will not lead to wealth. 

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Unveiling Threat Stack’s New PagerDuty Integration

We’re thrilled to announce today that Threat Stack has joined PagerDuty’s rapidly expanding partner ecosystem with a new integration now available to all customers! This integration allows you to easily manage your Threat Stack cloud security incidents directly within PagerDuty, a popular platform that allows engineering and IT teams to connect their operations systems, teams and data into a single, easy-to-use console, making managing and responding to incidents quick and easy.

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6sense Case Study: Protecting Customer Data & Meeting SOC 2 Compliance

We recently spoke with Threat Stack customer Jameel Al-Aziz, DevOps/Software Engineer for 6sense, and developed the following case study that showcases how Al-Aziz and his team are using Threat Stack. Al-Aziz also details in the case study the company-wide benefits they are realizing, including a shortened sales cycle, by having a continuous security monitoring solution in place. Below is their story.

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See Threat Stack at AWS Enterprise Summit 2015 in San Francisco Next Week

For the second year in a row, Threat Stack will be attending and exhibiting at the AWS Enterprise Summit, this time at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Throughout the past year alone, our integration with AWS has grown even deeper, helping customers effectively meet their responsibilities within the shared security model. We look forward to sharing the significant advances on our platform with the AWS community during the AWS Summit next week.

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A Deep Dive on Threat Stack: Recap of our Live Product Q&A

This week our product team, led by Chris Gervais, Threat Stack’s VP of Engineering, and Aaron Botsis, Threat Stack’s Product Manager, hosted a live Q&A webinar, diving into the intricacies of security for cloud-native environments and what Threat Stack is doing about it. Before the webinar, we asked attendees to submit their most pressing questions, letting them take the reigns in the discussion. We had many great questions come in and took care to cover as many as possible. We also demoed Threat Stack itself to show how the platform works and some recent updates based specifically on customer feedback.

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Get The Inside Scoop: Join Our Live Product Q&A Webinar

Whether you’re a current Threat Stack customer or not, there is a lot you’ll be interested to learn in regards to proactively protecting your company’s cloud-resident data with Threat Stack. It is our single most important mission to help you answer the questions that matter most in regards to cloud security. That’s why we’ve developed an exclusive product webinar on March 24th where we’ll let you take the reins. We will be providing a lot of information that you may not yet know about Threat Stack’s capabilities, but a majority of the time will be spent answering your most pressing questions which you can submit to us prior to the webinar. We will take care to answer every question we can to elevate your knowledge about continuous cloud security and Threat Stack.

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