Our 2014 Retrospective

As we prepare to move across the muddy Charles River from Cambridge to our new offices in Boston’s Innovation District, I find myself reflecting on our incredible progress in 2014. From RSA in February to AWS re:Invent in November, it has truly been a whirlwind highlighted by the awesome people that make up Threat Stack including our team, investors, partners, and most importantly, our customers. Thanks to all! So, what did we get done in 2014?

2014 Threat Stack Highlights

  1. We exited our over-subscribed beta program in the Fall with hundreds of customers running Threat Stack in production, protecting their cloud-resident workloads and the data they create and access from intrusion and compromise. And since announcing general availability in November, we’re now working with dozens more brand name SaaS companies all requiring a cloud-native security solution to protect their customers’ data.
  2. We launched our product in a big way on stage with Amazon’s CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels, at AWS re:Invent 2014. Threat stack was one of only a few companies selected to do so.
  3. Our Engineering and Operations teams deployed a new production environment capable of ingesting, storing, and processing absolutely massive amounts of event data that allows us to do what we do – provide context into host-level activity.
  4. A popular blog series on our mission, operationalizing security via a “SecDevOps” methodology, hit Reddit and included an excellent guest posts from Chris Wysopal of Veracode and a Q&A with Gene Kim who also graciously signed his seminal DevOps book, The Phoenix Project, in our booth at AWS re:Invent.
  5. We weighed in on the Shellshock vulnerability with the results of threat research demonstrating how this vulnerability could be exploited to gain root access and how continuous security monitoring effectively detects such anomalous system activities.
  6. We also offered an alternative perspective on the purported Grinch vulnerability, appropriately reframing the issue as one of configuration management.
  7. 2014 was also a year in which we raised capital to further fund developing our cloud-native platform. Not all capital is created equal and we are thrilled to have industry and operational experience and expertise on our Board of Directors.
  8. We ate our own dog food. We’re a SaaS company and run many of the same “DevOps” tools as our customers including, of course, Threat Stack.
  9. We formed an absolute dream team of Cloud, Distributed Systems, SaaS, and Security experts and are actively adding to our team.
  10. Most importantly, we feel and hope that we listened really closely to our customers to solve their visibility challenges and employed continuous integration to innovate and deliver a compelling solution.

What’s Next

As eventful as 2014 was, we are sure to be as busy in our new offices across the Charles River as we bring both cloud-native companies and enterprises with workloads transitioning to the cloud a security solution purpose-built for the cloud.

Stay tuned – this space is really heating up!