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OneLogin Gains Granular Security Control With Threat Stack on AWS

OneLogin’s Journey on AWS

OneLogin, an identity and access management (IAM) company, is dedicated to superior security for their users, which starts with their own stringent security posture. Since OneLogin’s customers typically come from regulated industries such as healthcare and online retail, OneLogin needed the ability to definitively show that their security, and that of their customers, was as secure as possible at any given moment.

Their previous bare metal data center presented challenges surrounding visibility and agility. OneLogin dealt with a lack of visibility that made it difficult to properly audit their configurations regularly. They also couldn’t efficiently spin up, take down, and replace systems and databases.

A New Level of Visibility With Threat Stack

OneLogin chose to migrate to a more flexible environment on Amazon Web Services. OneLogin leveraged AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon CloudFront for greater scalability and simplified infrastructure management. At the time of their migration to the cloud, OneLogin chose Threat Stack as their cloud security provider and partner.

Threat Stack has literally changed the way OneLogin sees their cloud environment. The Security and Ops teams can automatically audit their AWS configurations to identify new risks as their environment changes. OneLogin can more confidently and easily manage their environment with more granular control over tuning and adjusting security alerts within Threat Stack’s intrusion detection platform (IDP). As OneLogin continues to mature and scale its environment on AWS, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® is scaling alongside it, providing the capabilities for change and growth in their environment and security roadmap.

Overall, OneLogin now operates in a more agile, cost-efficient environment with a security posture that’s fitting for a competitive IAM company.

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For more details on OneLogin’s security transformation with Threat Stack, download the full case study