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Cloud Security 2 Min Read

New eBook: Myth Busting Intrusion Detection

Your Guide to Intrusion Detection for Modern Infrastructure

Many organizations that need cloud security are laboring behind a cloud of myths — unable to clearly define their requirements and match them to technology solutions and best practices that will enable them to operate securely at speed and scale in the cloud. Our new eBook — Myth Busting Intrusion Detection — is designed to clarify these issues.

Public cloud adoption is growing rapidly (Gartner projected 18% growth in 2017) because of the many compelling business advantages it offers. But unless you’ve got the right cloud security, operating in the cloud can be challenging. It’s no surprise that Vodafone’s recent report, Cyber Security: The Innovation Accelerator, finds a strong correlation between business success and cyber security.

  • Done wrong, cloud security can lead to tangible slowdowns in sales cycles, operational efficiencies, and the delivery of new products to market. This negatively impacts the bottom line and, ironically, undermines the gains that come from the increased efficiency and scale that the public cloud provides.
  • Done right, cloud security can reward an organization with optimized processes, reduced time to market, and a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Not unexpectedly, in a field that’s undergoing dramatic change and is crowded with vendors and services, organizations are experiencing doubt, uncertainty, and confusion about how to identify a cloud security solution that will be suitable to their environment.

Our goal in this eBook is to clean up the landscape by busting 14 of the misconceptions — or myths — that we encounter most frequently when speaking with customers about intrusion detection (and, more broadly, cloud security) for modern environments.

Specifically, the eBook is designed to help you:

  • Transform your security approach from one that was suited to on-prem environments (a data center mindset) to one that will ensure success with modern cloud infrastructures
  • See security as an investment that addresses key security concerns at the same time that it adds business value throughout your organization
  • Understand why modern intrusion detection offers the best protection in a cloud environment and why a comprehensive cloud-native intrusion detection platform (IDP) will provide the best defense against attacks, insider threats, and data loss while enabling you to operate and scale at cloud speed

Once we have dispelled the myths and presented the facts, we believe you will have the insights needed to create a cloud security strategy that is suited for your organization and incorporates technologies and practices that will strengthen your security posture, optimize workloads, and help drive your top-level business objectives.

If you’re interested in learning more, download your free copy of Myth Busting Intrusion Detection.