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5 Ways to Strengthen Your SaaS Security & Build Customer Loyalty: eBook Download

The SaaS subscription model can make churn an unavoidable issue because there’s nothing to prevent customers from cutting ties with one provider and moving to another.

As a security or operations professional at a SaaS company, you know you have to address trust and loyalty at the platform level so your customers experience optimal performance. You also know you have to deal with the unique security requirements associated with your SaaS infrastructure. The good news is, if you take steps to ensure platform stability, performance, and data security, you’ll be well-positioned to attract prospects and build long-term customer trust.

To help you get there, our new eBook — 5 Ways to Strengthen Your SaaS Security & Build Customer Loyalty — offers practical advice and specific steps you can take to avoid operational pitfalls, secure your SaaS business, and give customers the assurances they need to stay loyal to your service.

eBook Overview

Traditional on-prem build outs are very different from SaaS architectures: Elastic infrastructure, shared resources, perimeterless environments, and storing customer data present unique challenges. In our new eBook, we have identified five areas you can focus on to make immediate, significant improvements to platform integrity, performance, and security — which, in turn — will go a long way toward building confidence and trust with your prospects and customers.

The eBook explains how you can:

  1. Create Real-Time Security Observability & Continuous Systems Monitoring
    Changes in SaaS environments tend to occur frequently, have immediate impact, and affect a large number of resources because of the nature of elastic infrastructure. Running a SaaS environment without real-time security observability and continuous monitoring is the same as flying blind. 
  2. Set & Continuously Monitor Configuration Settings
    SaaS environments are constantly changing. Since services are constantly created and removed in real time, configuring those services appropriately and continuously monitoring settings can help ensure that you don’t jeopardize the trust that customers have placed in you to protect their data.
  3. Apply Operations Principles to Security
    Tech sprawl, lack of integration among tool sets, lack of visibility, and operations moving at the speed of business without security checks can be addressed through effective operations principles. As we say at Threat Stack, “Great ops is great security.”
  4. Encrypt Data
    Storing unencrypted data in the cloud can expose your company to serious reputational damage, loss of income, and loss of customers. On the positive side, one of the easiest and most powerful ways of protecting customer data is through encryption. 
  5. Measure & Improve Performance
    If you have a way to measure performance, you can assess the impact of changes in your infrastructure. And therefore, you can achieve the continuous security and performance gains that are critical to strengthening your relationships with customers.

Final Words . . .

The experience-based advice in this eBook is easy to apply. Download your free copy now, and get started on the road to stronger SaaS security and customer loyalty.