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Meet the TUGG's Guppy Tank: HiTech, the Next Generation

Every year around this time, Threat Stack looks forward to taking part in TUGG’s (Technology Underwriting Greater Good) ‘Tech Gives Back’ day.

Each TUGG event finds us doing something fun, different, and valuable for the community. This year we had the honor of hosting a class of grade 6 students for a fun Guppy Tank event. Yes, it’s what it sounds like… shark tank, for the littles, but with a serious business attitude.

The students drew on design methods, market research, and engineering principles to develop ideas for a mobile app that would help promote healthy living. Assigned to three teams, they worked with our tech experts to develop a logo, design a home screen, and brainstorm a business model to get it to market. Then they presented their pitches to the panel of judges and were faced with an expected barrage of questions: “How will you price the app?”, “How will you market it?”, “Where do you see this business going in 5 years?”— which they handled well!

The winning team pitched Junk Food Fighter — an app designed to gamify positive exercise and food choices. The design was cool, business model solid (recurring revenue and all), and go-to-market well thought out.

Henderson students — Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas with us. Whatever you end up doing down the road, we hope you learned something about teamwork, creative problem solving, public speaking, and technology development. And we hope you had a lot of fun, because we sure did. Looking forward to next year!