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Massachusetts Takes Leadership Role in Cybersecurity

Threat Stack Welcomes New Massachusetts Cybersecurity Growth and Development Center

Last week, during the inaugural Cybersecurity Forum, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the brand new, Cybersecurity Growth and Development Center at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. The goal of the new public institution is to unite the cybersecurity sector in Massachusetts, while also training new talent — a huge win given the acute skills shortage that exists today. At Threat Stack, we couldn’t be more pleased or supportive.

With Massachusetts already leading the global pack in cutting-edge cybersecurity research and world-class solutions, it makes sense for the state government to throw its support behind an initiative like this. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on funding, growth, and development in the security sector across our state and beyond.

While the goals of an initiative like this are, of course, closely tied to bringing more revenue to the state, it is also a fact that security has never been a more important topic globally. And that won’t be changing anytime soon. As nearly every company moves towards having technology at its core, security is increasingly essential to a successful business. In light of this, we’re extremely pleased to see Massachusetts playing a larger role in meeting security needs at home and around the world.

At Threat Stack, we are proud to be part of the Boston and Massachusetts security community, and as our company ramps up for a new phase of innovation and growth, we can’t wait to do so alongside the Cybersecurity Growth and Development Center. Threat Stack’s recent Series C funding not only strengthens our ability to support important initiatives such as this, but also validates our role as a leading industry player.

Of course, the impact of a collaboration like this will not just be felt in the U.S. As Governor Baker has traveled abroad, building relationships with government and business leaders around the world, it has become clear that Massachusetts is playing a special role in the development of successful cybersecurity technologies and companies and is also taking a lead in education, training, and awareness. At Threat Stack, we fully support this initiative as we continue our mission of technical innovation and serving the needs of a global market.

The new Massachusetts Cybersecurity Growth and Development Center will be located at MassTech, and will be an ongoing and much-needed force for collaboration and dynamic change in the world of security here in the Bay State. We’re looking forward to participating in this laudable initiative, and hope you will join us in congratulating Governor Baker and the entire state of Massachusetts for this historical move.

Read more about the Center here: Mass.Gov.

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