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New Playbook: Jump Starting Your Cloud Security Journey

Cloud security is a complex subject, and customers sometimes tell us that one of their biggest challenges is simply knowing where to start.

In our latest playbook, Jump Starting Cloud Security: A Guide to Starting Your Cloud Security Journey, we have addressed this problem head on. If your organization is just starting out in cloud security — whether it’s a rapidly growing startup or a more established company — this Playbook is intended for you.

It’s a roadmap full of industry-proven practices that will put you on the fast track to cloud security monitoring, addressing your first round of security concerns, and measurably improving your security stance, all in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable outlay of money and resources.

The hand-on approach will help you implement important security practices without diverting resources and attention away from your company’s main business goals, and you’ll also end up with a solid platform to build on when you want to move up to the next level of maturity on the cloud security ladder.

A Quick Preview 

Based on our experience with hundreds of companies that are just beginning their cloud security journey, we have identified three main objectives that will produce significant results, and as such, they form the three main chapters in this book:

1. Establishing a Security Baseline & Auditing Your AWS Environment:

This chapter is a tutorial that will show you how to establish a baseline for your organization and then conduct an audit that will generate numerical ratings of your AWS configuration settings in relation to AWS and Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark standards. This will give you precise information that you can use to quickly and accurately update your configuration settings.

2. Implementing Security Best Practices:

This chapter focuses on three best practices that have been specially selected to bring rapid and significant improvement to companies at an early stage of cloud security:

  • Finding, Securing, & Managing Secrets: A cost-effective way to find and manage secrets to protect sensitive resources in your environment
  • Updating OS & Managing Packages: How you can adopt a patching strategy that best fits your organization’s needs and values to protect against vulnerabilities
  • Incorporating AWS Security Practices Into Terraform Design: An excellent way to ensure that you have a streamlined way of achieving your security goals and managing your infrastructure

Note: Each of these best practices is linked to a tutorial (that includes detailed advice and procedures as well as useful code samples) so you can implement the practice in your own environment.

3. Establishing a Security Awareness Program:

This chapter addresses the “human factors” side of security and is designed to ensure that your people, organization, and technology are all aligned to support your cloud security program. After taking care to establish security throughout your cloud infrastructure, you also want to ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of and responsible for security issues.

And finally, we have also included a chapter that deals with Continuous Security Improvement — how to build continuous improvement into your mindset and practices from the outset so you are much more likely to stay on top of security as your organization evolves and scales without running the risk of becoming out of date or complacent. This chapter also gives tips on when you should graduate from your current maturity level to one where you employ more complex tools and tactics to give your security program greater scope and depth.

Final Words . . .

By focusing on the three objectives discussed in Jump Starting Cloud Security,  you can be confident that you will increase security across your organization in short order. By establishing this foundation you can more easily scale security to keep pace with your organization as it grows and as its needs become more complex.

Download your free copy of the Jump Starting  playbook now and get started right away on your cloud security journey.