Join Threat Stack at Velocity 2017


According to its organizers, the upcoming O’Reilly Velocity Conference is the “best place on the planet for web ops and systems engineering professionals” to learn from their peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share best practices and lessons learned for handling modern systems and applications.

We agree, and we can’t wait to get to the conference to talk about Security, DevOps, and some of the innovations we’ve been making here at Threat Stack.

We’re a proud sponsor and exhibitor, and Pete Cheslock, Threat Stack’s Head of Ops, will be delivering one of the entertaining and informative presentations that he’s known for.

Come Visit the Threat Stack Booth

When & Where: June 19 – 22, San Jose Convention Center

We will be in Booth #820, so come by to chat with our experts, watch a demo, and pick up some great swag.

Don’t Miss Pete Cheslock’s Presentation: Scale it to a Billion

When & Where: June 22, 3:40 – 4:20 p.m, in LL21 E/F 

In his presentation Scale it to a billion: How to build it, keep it safe, and keep it running, Pete will be sharing insights about the operational and security practices that helped Threat Stack scale while staying stable and secure, covering technology and tools and the various scale points that forced hard decisions. Along the way, Pete will also explore ways to approach security — not as a dedicated team —  but as a culture that everyone owns.

Join the presentation to learn about:

  • Going from five servers and a few hundred thousand events per day to several hundred servers and ten billion unique events each day
  • How on-demand telemetry helps Threat Stack scale
  • Early design decisions that worked (and those that didn’t)
  • When to use distributed systems (and when not to)

Wrapping Up . . .

We’re looking forward to meeting you at Velocity, so drop by Booth #820 and be sure you book time on Thursday to hear Pete Cheslock talk about how to scale while staying stable and secure.

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