It’s Here! Threat Stack Launches Out of Beta at AWS re:Invent

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the general availability of Threat Stack!

Right on the heels of our successful beta program with hundreds of active users, and a very busy summer that included shipping many new features, hiring key members of our executive team, and participating in several major AWS events, we have officially launched our service at the AWS re:Invent Conference. We are thrilled and honored that Threat Stack, among just a handful of other companies, was selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to join Amazon’s CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels, on stage during his Start-up Launch Keynote to introduce our services to the entire AWS community.

Protecting Cloud Workloads from Intrusions & Data Loss

The Threat Stack service was created to address security and privacy needs associated with application workloads. By providing deep insight into their cloud’s system activity, we enable our customers to add the critical layers of security they need to protect their cloud-based servers against intrusions and data loss, such as with the recent Bash Vulnerability and even with the shortcomings of reporting in auditd for Linux servers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recognized time and again the benefit Threat Stack provides its customers in helping their community of users secure their workloads. That’s why we’ve partnered with AWS, to help customers meet their obligations in the shared responsibility model for security.

“We’re fully committed to AWS and found that Threat Stack plays an important role in helping AWS customers meet their responsibilities within the shared security model,” said Threat Stack and AWS Customer, Prakash Mishra, CTO of Offerpop. “As a company that puts the security of our client’s data front and center, having the ability to actively detect threats and take action is a must-have for us. Threat Stack plays a big role in helping companies like us do that.”

“Amazon Web Services believes that security is paramount and welcomes new offerings that help our customers protect their workloads,” said Terry Wise, Director of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem for AWS. “Continuous security monitoring is an important element of a security architecture and we’re excited to have Threat Stack as member of the AWS partner ecosystem.”

The introduction of our security monitoring solution, which is built into the cloud and designed to protect cloud environments — public, private and hybrid alike — addresses the deployment and scalability needs that businesses of all sizes have when applying traditional “on-premise” solutions to the cloud.

“Cloud workloads present a unique set of needs when it comes to implementing security today,” said Threat Stack CEO, Doug Cahill. “One of them being that you can’t install traditional intrusion detection systems in the cloud because you don’t have physical access to the network. Since Threat Stack uses a lightweight agent that resides on the host, it can easily be deployed using your favorite automation system. It also auto-scales to your environment to provide you with the visibility you need to improve your security posture across your entire cloud environment.”

Highlights of Threat Stack

Our service helps customers know their attack surface, uncover potential new threats, add color to their data, and boost their confidence and security, with features such as:

Deep OS Auditing

Don’t just rely on system log files. Use the definitive trail of logins, processes, network activity, and file changes from the operating system, augmented with Threat Stack’s backend intelligence.

Behavior-Based Intrusion Detection

Build up your protection against zero-day attacks with host-level intrusion detection based on behavior changes, not on a signature list.

DVR Capabilities

Record, zoom-in, and playback any user’s actions at any point in time, even if the machine no longer exists, using our TTY timeline.

Customized Alerts

Our service monitors and records all the activity happening in your cloud and sounds the alarms if suspicious behavior is detected. With Threat Stack, you can choose to receive customized alerts when:

  • A new node appears on the network
  • Unauthorized configuration changes take place
  • New users are added
  • Access rights are changed
  • Anomalous behavior of any kind occurs

File Integrity Monitoring

Our event-driven, real-time, file integrity monitoring capability allows customers to notice changes quicker, and at a lower system resource cost than previously used on-premise techniques.

DevOps-Enabled Deployment

Threat Stack integrates with your favorite configuration management platforms such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible to quickly deploy agents for maximum security.

AWS Integration

Finally, Threat Stack allows customers to audit and correlate on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to provide better context and determine the percentage of your infrastructure Threat Stack is protecting.

At Threat Stack, we’re very passionate about supporting DevOps and Security professionals as they continue to secure and protect their cloud workloads in improved ways. That said, we’d like to send a big thank you to our fantastic beta customers that partnered with us this year to bring to market the first and only security monitoring platform truly purpose-built for cloud-resident workloads. Your feedback along the way is crucial in building Threat Stack into the product it is today. We’re very excited for the launch of Threat Stack, and have many more functionalities on our roadmap — stay tuned!

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