The Cloud Security Playbook: Best Practices for Today’s Threat Landscape

There’s no shortage of content out there about cloud security.

But how do you turn on the firehose and develop a coherent strategy that will actually work to protect your business in the cloud?

We set out to answer that question by building a Cloud Security Playbook that takes you, chronologically and systematically, through the steps needed to build a forward-thinking security plan. With this playbook, you can build a tangible plan that will keep your company’s data and assets protected — effectively and efficiently.

How did we do it?

Well, we went straight to the source: We asked our security experts, who have decades of combined experience in the cloud security, to give us their best insights. They shared best practices; they shared real-world examples and anecdotes; they told us how it would all come together in a blue-sky scenario. Then we tied it up and put a bow on it.

Today we’re releasing the Playbook to the world — and, yes, it’s free. Here’s what you’ll find in this 27-page treasure trove of information:

  • The history of cloud security: where we’ve been and where we’re going
  • A six-part template you can use to build your strategy, no matter what industry you’re in
  • Worksheets you can download and use to assess your current security posture and plan for upgrades
  • Examples of step-by-step security procedures that really work and are easy to implement

Wondering if our Cloud Security Playbook will be helpful for you? We designed it for:

  • CSOs, CISOs, and CIOs (even CEOs & CFOs will find helpful content)
  • Security administrators
  • DevOps teams
  • SOC workers
  • & basically anyone else who touches security


It covers everything from compliance details, to stakeholder considerations, to choosing the right security technologies. Companies in industries ranging from healthcare to finance to publishing and beyond will find relevant recommendations that they can easily customize to fit their needs— we want companies of any size or industry to get helpful direction and value right away!  

Ready to dive in?