Innovation and a Results-Oriented Culture Continue to Drive Success

As we enter the “dog days of summer,” we can’t help but reflect on the many events — regional, national, and global — that have been swirling around us throughout 2016.

The uncertainty of the macro-economic climate at the beginning of the year set the stage for all tech companies. We saw everything that could throw successful high-growth companies off course — market-spend pull backs, funding uncertainties, hiring slowdowns, and more.

On the heels of a very strong 2015, Threat Stack’s 2016 strategy was influenced by these factors like everyone else. I’m pleased to report, however, that we surged ahead despite the turmoil, and made significant progress on our goals, experiencing strong customer adoption, securing investment capital for growth, and increasing headcount across all departments!

In more specific terms, Threat Stack made many noteworthy achievements, including the following:

  • Closed $15.3M Series B funding in April
  • Added key players to our Leadership Team
  • Scheduled the opening of our new Boston HQ (August 2016)
  • Achieved 175% customer growth half-over-half
  • Doubled our employee count
  • Exceeded all board of directors’ financial commitments 

So what are the keys to our success? Above all, we continue to succeed through Innovation and a Results-Oriented Culture! There is little or nothing we can do to control macro-economics. But for everything that is in our control, we execute with the highest level of energy, excellence, and commitment. What we control is our goals, our efforts, and, ultimately, our destiny.

As we head into the second half of 2016, with many macro-economic uncertainties looming (think of Brexit, interest rates, and the U.S. presidential election for starters), the Threat Stack team is  looking forward to continuing our mission and our strategy to drive technical innovation, employee excellence, and customer success. We are especially looking forward to expanding our role as the Cloud Security “Upstart Party Crasher.”

Helping companies that embrace modern cloud infrastructure to “scale securely — with confidence” is our ultimate mission. The continued strong vote of confidence that Threat Stack has enjoyed in 2016 from investors, customers, employees, and the industry itself, is helping to fuel that mission.

At this point, Threat Stack has just scratched the surface of exciting announcements for 2016. So tune us in on your favorites dial, and enjoy the ride!