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Creating Compliance Framework Templates with Threat Stack

As customer data protection expectations and regulatory compliance mandates in cybersecurity become more and more focused, organizations seek ways to fulfill compliance in effective, yet rapid, ways, such as compliance framework templates. Often, cybersecurity best practices, processes, and standardization simply mean NOT reinventing the wheel.

During a Q&A near the end of a recent webinar discussing Threat Stack’s overall cloud-native cybersecurity solution, ActiveCampaign’s Director of Global Information Security (CISO) was asked a very focused question about compliance. Specifically, a DevSecOps manager questioned if ActiveCampaign had to create new compliance frameworks for each compliance type (SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR compliance, etc), OR if compliance framework templates could be created.

ActiveCampaign’s response, starting in the 54th minute of the webinar and running for a little over a minute, gives great insights into how Threat Stack’s Application Infrastructure Protection customers can use compliance framework templates to simplify and solidify their compliance and audit positions, while saving resources and avoiding additional work.

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