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Microservice Cloud Security Monitoring Reduces MTTK

Genesys gets actionable cloud security monitoring in context

Genesys needed actionable cloud security monitoring, security visibility, and a way to secure their new cloud environment that had just transitioned to AWS and was leveraging services such as EC2, S3, CloudTrail, and more. Genesys’s objective was to reduce their Mean Time To Know (MTTK). The company was looking for a partner that was built to monitor their full stack, and alert them to any threats across their hybrid environment.

Together, Genesys and Threat Stack’s Application Infrastructure Protection have:

  • Reduced Genesys’ MTTR and MTTK by 75%
  • Created full cloud security monitoring and coverage across Genesys’ AWS environment
  • Freed up security analysts for more pressing company projects
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Text Copy:  Genesys / Threat Stack Case Study

Application Infrastructure Protection: How Cloud Security Monitoring Reduces MTTK

Host-Level Monitoring Problem

Genesys is the global provider of PureCloud, an all-in-one Cloud Contact Center Solution. To enhance scalability, agility, and operational efficiency, Genesys transitioned to AWS, leveraging services such as EC2, S3, CloudTrail, Elastic Load Balancing, and Relational Database Service (RDS) — creating a new environment that was 100% cloud-native and microservice-based.

Following the transition, the operations and security teams faced the challenge of ensuring host-level cloud security monitoring and visibility across their ephemeral, dynamic environment. After failing to achieve this using OSSEC, Genesys looked for a purpose-built solution that could continuously monitor and alert across elastic cloud and hybrid environments, settling on the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® and its application infrastructure protection.

Security Observability Solution

As soon as they deployed Threat Stack, Genesys gained full stack cloud security monitoring, observability, and critical visibility into the process of spinning up new microservices on new servers, going through the configuration management process, and tearing down old servers. Genesys was also able to leverage Threat Stack’s Application Infrastructure Protection’s cloud security monitoring ability to baseline “normal” behavior throughout their environment, rapidly contextualize signals from across the entire cloud infrastructure, and deliver real-time alerts when any anomalous activity occurred. Using data collected from all actions/behaviors taking place in their critical environments, Genesys was able to fine-tune their alerts and achieve a 75% reduction in MTTK and time to investigate a potential incident, shifting them from a less reactive cybersecurity response to a more proactive approach to securing their infrastructure.

Cloud Cybersecurity Monitoring Outcomes & Benefits

Genesys has seen major gains since adopting AWS and Threat Stack’s Application Infrastructure Protection. Where AWS brought agility and cost-efficiencies, Threat Stack’s Application Infrastructure Protection enables Genesys to see contextualized and actionable security telemetry from across their infrastructure
correlated in one place. With Threat Stack continuously providing cloud security monitoring to their environment, the Genesys DevSecOps team can focus on other work, confident they’ll be alerted if anything suspicious occurs. In short, Threat Stack has enabled strong cloud-based security monitoring while decreasing mean time to know and mean time to respond, resource requirements, and hours wasted chasing security events across a complex environment.

“Threat Stack’s [Application Infrastructure Protection] saved us hours previously spent chasing down  security events, eliminating the need to hire another security resource.”
— JARROD SEXTON, Lead Information Security Engineer, Genesys



About Genesys and Threat Stack, part of F5

Genesys, or Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., is an American software company that sells customer experience and call center technology to mid-sized and large businesses. It sells both cloud-based and hybrid cloud software. Located in Daly City, CA, it was founded in 1990, and has 6,000+ employees.

Threat Stack’s Application Infrastructure Protection, part of F5, is the leader in cloud security and compliance for infrastructure and applications, providing customers with proactive risk identification, and real-time threat detection-in-depth.

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