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Destiny is Defined by the Journey: Acquired by Palo Alto Networks

Congratulations to on having your cloud story acquired by Palo Alto Networks. Your vision, passion, and commitment have been rightly recognized and rewarded.

At Threat Stack we are thrilled by this news — this acquisition further validates the conviction of the IT security market to invest in, and adapt, their approaches to the changing needs of customers driven by broad public cloud adoption. After all, no company is just a software company — they are also quickly becoming a cloud company.

Moving to the cloud, or adopting the cloud at scale, has never been more exciting, or more complex. And while recent industry research shows that 85% of companies aspire to align security and operations for their public cloud initiatives, only 35% make it a reality. Whether you are cloud native or an enterprise moving to the cloud, there is no question that the approach you take to address perimeterless security cannot be achieved with legacy IT security strategies or technology. Scaling a company is hard — and scaling it securely in the cloud is even harder.

At Threat Stack, we often hear from companies that they are underwhelmed by the plethora of point solutions or the patchwork quilt of legacy infrastructure security solutions that simply can’t adapt to the demands of a public cloud environment. Compounding the technology gap, is a dramatic skills shortage for cloud security expertise. There is a dearth of talent that understands how to align Security and Operations’ priorities, resulting in actionable strategies for implementing a cohesive Cloud SecOps program that can reduce risk across the business, without slowing it down.

Since its inception Threat Stack has been driven to transform the legacy perception of security as a “business cost,” and instead make security a “business enabler.” Regardless of size, every cloud enterprise needs a security solution that can scale at the pace of their business, without sacrificing availability or speed.

Threat Stack has demonstrated both the cost savings, and operational efficiencies to be gained by moving away from relying solely on point solutions. With a platform-based approach, combined with prescriptive guidance, Threat Stack is able to take our customers on a journey from traditional, reactive security management to a collaborative, proactive security management approach of securing modern infrastructure. They are able to move beyond “checkbox” compliance and meeting basic customer security requirements, to instead driving a cohesive SecOps initiative that fortifies their infrastructure, defends the attack surface, and protects their business from reputational risk.

The success of this journey is driven by moving from point solutions with dizzying data streams, to a platform that helps Security and DevOps teams visualize risk across the cloud infrastructure attack surface, provide automated, actionable insights within SecOps workflows, and deliver frictionless security that enables enterprises to move fast, securely.

The challenge to businesses ahead will continue to be a question not of how quickly “will” they move to the cloud, but rather of how quickly “can” they move to the cloud, securely, at scale, and with cloud native technology and expertise to drive them forward.

Once again, congratulations to Tim Prendergast and the entire team on your acquisition and wishing you the best on the next stage of your journey.