Configuration Auditing Adds Single View for Multiple AWS Accounts

Continuing our commitment to improving the user experience, we are announcing the most recent enhancement to AWS Configuration Auditingthe ability to view multiple AWS accounts from one central location. 


  • If you are a current customer, this feature will be updated automatically.
  • If you’re not yet a Threat Stack customer, the links at the bottom of this post will give you excellent insights into the capabilities of Threat Stack’s AWS Configuration Auditing.

Single View for Multiple AWS Accounts

Increasingly, AWS users are creating more than one account. While doing so is a recommended best practice, it can also increase the amount of time and effort required for effective administration.

As a remedy to “account sprawl,” our new unified view (see the following screenshot) reduces admin time and provides significant convenience because end users no longer need to gather information and alerts from multiple accounts. This means you can focus on business issues and not administration!


Alerts From 3 AWS Accounts Displayed on Single Screen

In short, the unified view in Configuration Auditing enables you to:

  • Integrate an unlimited number of AWS accounts, view all of their configurations at once from a common set of rules, and see their results in one place
  • Manage all your CloudTrail alert rules and alert escalation workflows from one central place since the same benefit applies to CloudTrail

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