Current Trends in Automated Software Testing

10 Testing Pros Share Insights Into the Most Interesting Current Trends in Automated Software Testing

Whether you’re just getting started in security or you’re an experienced DevOps professional, testing is a mainstay of your profession. Here at Threat Stack, we have a dedicated Test Engineering Team that guides quality and allows our team to stay on top of the latest trends in automation and testing so the team can implement rigorous testing of our product. In the testing world, automation is one of the hottest trends, driven by advances in AI, machine learning, and other tools that streamline tasks that used to be manual, tedious, time consuming, and prone to error.

Leveraging automation also helps to strengthen cloud security, and prioritizing automation is a best practice for IaaS providers, helping companies achieve full-stack, multi-cloud security observability. Threat Stack’s Cloud Security Platform®, for instance, helps you proactively reduce risk, detect security incidents, and achieve continuous cloud compliance without disrupting your DevOps workflow.

So what are the most interesting trends in automated testing right now? What trends could be reshaping the way you approach testing at your organization? To find out, we reached out to a panel of testing professionals and asked them to respond to this question:

“What are the most interesting trends in automated software testing at present?”

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