8 Min Read October 31, 2019

Testing Tool Profile: Why Threat Stack Uses ThoughtWorks Gauge

Threat Stack is Testing its New Audio Blog Offering!  Threat Stack has numerous tests running daily, verifying that things are working as expected in our Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®. To supplement the Software Engineers’ unit and integration tests, our Test Engineering team has created the following as part of our automated regression test […]

9 Min Read September 19, 2019

10 Automated Testing Tools That Threat Stack Uses — and Why

All software development projects, whether they’re large or small, can benefit from well-planned and well-executed testing. It’s your way to ensure that the software you’re developing performs as expected and delivers value to the customer. More important — given the nature of our current cyber landscape — well-executed testing is your way to ensure that […]

6 Min Read August 27, 2019

Five Tips On How Testers Can Collaborate With Software Developers

Whenever I join a new team, my first task is fostering and nurturing a good working relationship with the developers. Why? If there is good chemistry between testers and developers, the quality of work improves as the quality of communication increases.  The relationship between developer and tester shouldn’t be one of artist and art critic. […]

10 Min Read May 30, 2019

Current Trends in Automated Software Testing

10 Testing Pros Share Insights Into the Most Interesting Current Trends in Automated Software Testing Whether you’re just getting started in security or you’re an experienced DevOps professional, testing is a mainstay of your profession. Here at Threat Stack, we have a dedicated Test Engineering Team that guides quality and allows our team to stay […]