4 Steps To Effectively Integrate DevOps Workflows With Cloud Security Practices

I’ve spent most of my career in Operations, and the last 5 years at various organizations advocating and instilling DevOps principles in the teams I work with. One thing I’ve noticed is that most companies value speed over security, which has traditionally been a blocker in delivering software.

Recently, however, with more and more breaches and vulnerabilities reported (Shellshock and Heartbleed to name a just few), I’ve changed my tune. I’m not going to say I’ve become paranoid, but one of the reasons I’ve joined Threat Stack is because I believe how important it is that security gets integrated into the operations process.

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Webinar: Intrusion Detection for Elastic Cloud Deployments

Cloud security was by far the biggest theme at the AWS Summit in New York this year. Specifically, intrusion detection in the cloud: How does it work? How can it provide what traditional solutions simply cannot? Since this topic deserves much more detailed attention, we have decided to host an entire webinar on this topic.

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Cloud Security Is Always Your Responsibility

Too many times we hear and read about how insecure the cloud is or worse — that the cloud is already secure because IaaS providers have security groups and protection capabilities. These ideologies are all too common and far too wrong. By using outsourced cloud infrastructure, you are only outsourcing your infrastructure, not your security. Security is always your responsibility.  

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