3 Min Read January 7, 2020

A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Checklist for Infrastructures in Transition

Dev and Ops teams constantly evolve their technology and procedures to increase speed and lower costs. Typically this leads to increasingly abstracted infrastructure, such as containers, container orchestration, and serverless infrastructure — and while this makes it easier for organizations to advance their technical, operational, and business goals, it simultaneously increases vulnerability to attack, reduces […]

4 Min Read December 12, 2019

Threat Stack Supports Omada Health’s HIPAA Compliance, Hyper Growth, & Operational Efficiency

“We like dealing with Threat Stack because they offer a complete solution. Threat Stack backs up its technology with security insights and expertise through its Insight and Oversight services — while most of their competitors rely on partners to provide services.” — Bill Dougherty, VP Information Technology & Security, Omada Health Omada Health is leading […]

4 Min Read October 24, 2019

How to Create a Security Risk Assessment for Containers in 5 Steps

When adopting containers, organizations need to create a risk profile for the types of threats and vulnerabilities they expect to experience. This type of analysis is especially important with containers, since the attack surface increases significantly, while the level of security visibility across hosts, containers, and the infrastructure control plane decreases. For example, one of […]

19 Min Read October 10, 2019

20 DevSecOps Pros Reveal the Most Important Considerations in Building a DevSecOps Pipeline

In a recent Threat Stack report, 44 percent of DevOps professionals we surveyed said that when it comes to security-related issues, they’d have to rely on someone else. Even if DevOps pros had the time to dedicate to security issues, many developers lack the expertise needed to improve the security of their applications. What’s more, […]

3 Min Read October 8, 2019

Findings From the Threat Stack Q3, 2019 SOC Report

Going ahead, the Threat Stack Security Operations Center (SOC) will be publishing a quarterly report summarizing lessons we’ve learned, trends we’ve identified, and recommendations you can follow to strengthen your cloud security observability and overall security maturity.

4 Min Read October 1, 2019

The Top 3 Security Mistakes SaaS Companies are Making

The more data you store, the more attractive you become to cybercriminals, so SaaS companies need to recognize the importance of following security best practices. However, even those who understand this imperative can find it difficult to know where to start. With that in mind, this post discusses three of the most common security mistakes […]