4 Min Read December 3, 2019

Lessons Learned From Lola: Demonstrating PCI Compliance in a Cloud-Native, Containerized Environment

Lola.com initially became PCI compliant about a year ago, and this fall completed a successful PCI audit. Recently Katie Paugh, Lola’s Senior DevOps Engineer, took part in a webinar with Threat Stack to discuss their experiences and share key lessons they’ve learned in how to adapt and implement PCI.

4 Min Read October 24, 2019

How to Create a Security Risk Assessment for Containers in 5 Steps

When adopting containers, organizations need to create a risk profile for the types of threats and vulnerabilities they expect to experience. This type of analysis is especially important with containers, since the attack surface increases significantly, while the level of security visibility across hosts, containers, and the infrastructure control plane decreases. For example, one of […]

14 Min Read September 24, 2019

16 Kubernetes Experts Share the Most Interesting Current Trends to Look for in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a popular DevOps tool thanks to its container-centric environment and portability across infrastructure providers. In 2018, Kubernetes had a big year, being the first project to graduate from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and landing at #9 for commits and #2 for authors/issues on GitHub, coming in second only to Linux. “Three […]

4 Min Read August 20, 2019

How Stratasan Addresses Its Growing Security & Compliance Needs for Healthcare IT and Services Using Threat Stack

Stratasan provides web-based software and professional services that are designed to help healthcare organizations maximize strategic growth through convenient access to useful information on healthcare markets. Healthcare providers, specifically hospitals and hospital systems, struggle to discover the best opportunities in their market for strategic growth, find the right patient populations in their service area, and […]

4 Min Read July 9, 2019

Stretching Left With Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring

Developers have always been overworked. They face a constant flow of feature-focused work from the business and need to balance that with work involving performance, quality and reliability, and technical debt. While DevOps and highly automated CI/CD pipelines have made developers more productive by removing low-value non-development tasks, it has actually made the pressure to […]

3 Min Read June 18, 2019

Threat Stack Launches New Unified Application Security Monitoring Solution

Threat Stack’s Application Security Monitoring enables cloud security observability across the full stack & full lifecycle in a single solution