5 Min Read January 9, 2020

An Inside Look at the Evolution of Threat Stack’s SOC 2 Processes

For the Third Straight Year, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform Meets Security and Availability Standards Set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) With Zero Exceptions For the third consecutive year, Threat Stack has achieved Type 2 SOC 2 Compliance in Security and Availability with zero exceptions. This year’s examination (by Schellman […]

4 Min Read December 12, 2019

Threat Stack Supports Omada Health’s HIPAA Compliance, Hyper Growth, & Operational Efficiency

“We like dealing with Threat Stack because they offer a complete solution. Threat Stack backs up its technology with security insights and expertise through its Insight and Oversight services — while most of their competitors rely on partners to provide services.” — Bill Dougherty, VP Information Technology & Security, Omada Health Omada Health is leading […]

4 Min Read December 3, 2019

Lessons Learned From Lola: Demonstrating PCI Compliance in a Cloud-Native, Containerized Environment

Lola.com initially became PCI compliant about a year ago, and this fall completed a successful PCI audit. Recently Katie Paugh, Lola’s Senior DevOps Engineer, took part in a webinar with Threat Stack to discuss their experiences and share key lessons they’ve learned in how to adapt and implement PCI.

5 Min Read November 12, 2019

HIPAA Compliance Tips & Best Practices — Training Considerations

What kind of training does your organization need to support HIPAA compliance? A good way to start answering this question is to reference the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)’s own words: “The HIPAA Rules are flexible and scalable to accommodate the enormous range in types and sizes of entities that must comply with […]

7 Min Read October 29, 2019

HIPAA Compliance Tips & Best Practices — Factors to Consider When Developing Effective Policies & Procedures

Our last post on HIPAA compliance — HIPAA Compliance Tips & Best Practices — Building Your Foundational Knowledge — provided expert insights that are designed to help healthcare providers and business associates develop their foundational knowledge of HIPAA regulations and requirements. Today’s post offers insights into how an organization can achieve effective governance by translating […]

11 Min Read October 22, 2019

HIPAA Compliance Tips & Best Practices — Building Your Foundational Knowledge

The last few years have seen a number of failures in the field of HIPAA compliance and fines that would put many smaller-scale practices out of business. While an increase in the use and sharing of electronic patient data accounts for many HIPAA compliance issues, the bottom line is that too many organizations are leaving […]