4 Min Read September 15, 2017

Shifting to High-Velocity Cloud Security Operations

How to compress Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) and drive operational efficiency Slashing MTTR is one way of shifting into a high-velocity security mode so your team can operate faster to drive innovation, scale, and create a strong competitive advantage.

2 Min Read January 17, 2017

New Threat Stack Feature: S3 File Integrity Monitoring

Threat Stack customers receive a great deal of value from our Linux File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), and we have now extended that capability to S3. Many of our AWS customers are storing their critical files on S3, and for various security and compliance reasons, those files need to be monitored to see if any are being […]

4 Min Read December 23, 2016

How to Optimize Your Incident Response Process in the Cloud

Bad guys know the faster they move, the more they’ll be able to accomplish: the more data they’ll be able to steal, the more money they’ll be able to extort, the more damage they can do to your reputation. So it’s a race to see whether the bad guys can move faster than the good […]

4 Min Read December 21, 2016

How to Monitor Outbound and Inbound Connections to Maintain Cloud Security

When it comes to staying secure in the cloud, an important practice is to monitor both incoming and outgoing connections from your network. Why? Monitoring and alerting on “interesting” (i.e., anomalous) network connections going in and out of cloud environments can provide early breach detection to cloud security operations teams. Here’s how to put this […]

< 1 Min Read December 15, 2016

The Cloud Security Use Cases Playbook

Over the last year, we have published a number of playbooks that, together, deliver strategic and tactical information to guide you from high-level planning down to effective implementation, day-to-day operations, and ongoing improvement of security across your cloud infrastructure. One of our earlier publications, The Cloud Security Playbook, focused on the need for companies to develop […]

5 Min Read September 1, 2016

A Blueprint for Selecting Security Technologies Inside the Cloud

Cloud security operations teams, especially ones that are looking at security technologies for the first time, are often faced with a daunting list of vendors who offer technologies with wide-ranging capabilities. Understanding the pros and cons of each might seem difficult or impossible at first, especially because the enterprise security sector is inundated with technologies […]