Deploying Compliant Kubernetes: Real World Edge Cases (Upcoming Webinar)

Deploying Compliant Kubernetes — Real World Edge Cases Webinar
January 24, 2019 | 1 PM ET

Are you deploying compliant Kubernetes clusters?

Our customer,, is sharing insights on how they successfully migrated their PCI DSS-compliant environment from Amazon ECS to Kubernetes last year — and specific edge cases to help with future audits. Read more “Deploying Compliant Kubernetes: Real World Edge Cases (Upcoming Webinar)”

Visualizing Detection & Remediation in the Cloud With Graylog — Webinar Recap

If you’re on a Security team, chances are you may be able to leverage some of the Operations team’s existing tools for log management and SIEM. That was certainly the case with Threat Stack’s use of Graylog.

On June 22, Sam Bisbee, Threat Stack’s CSO, joined Lennart Koopmann, the founder and CTO of Graylog, to discuss how Threat Stack moved from a manual logging system with data silos and a lack of overall visibility, to using centralized log management and a SIEM to create a holistic picture of our cloud infrastructure security — incorporating data from our own systems as well as third-party applications to cost-effectively create real-time actionable security intelligence.

During the webinar, Sam and Lennart addressed key questions including the following:

  • Why host your own log management system?
  • What drove the need for a SIEM?
  • How did Threat Stack unify its data across various platforms?
  • How did Threat Stack make our security intelligence actionable?

Here’s a recap of the discussion which, I hope, will be helpful if you’re evaluating log management or SIEM vendors for inclusion in your SecOps tech stack. Read more “Visualizing Detection & Remediation in the Cloud With Graylog — Webinar Recap”