4 Min Read April 24, 2017

Five OpSec Best Practices to Live By

Often when we talk about security, we focus on the mechanics of how to keep technical infrastructure safe. It can be easy to forget that operational security is just as important. When done right, strong OpSec practices will keep your business safe from leaked information, competitive disadvantage, and even public embarrassment. Without good OpSec, your […]

4 Min Read April 12, 2017

Why You Should Think of Security as a Skill, Not Just a Role

A common mistake that we see organizations make is putting off security until they hire someone who specializes in it. Depending on the size of your company and the nature of your business, this could mean waiting several years to start taking security seriously. In today’s threat environment, that’s not realistic or practical. And, even […]

2 Min Read September 20, 2016

Building Strong Partnerships: Why We’re a Proud Sponsor of the PagerDuty Summit

After the Threat Stack team attended last week’s PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco, it became clear why PagerDuty is the market leader in agile incident management solutions. Not only do they have a great product, they also have an active community of users who are driving the conversation around incident response in the twenty-first century.

3 Min Read August 16, 2016

3 Lessons Learned From AWS NYC Summit

“I remember when there were only about 40 of us meeting here, talking about AWS, and ending the day by descending on the hotel bar.” — Told to us by an AWS Summit Veteran

3 Min Read June 30, 2016

Who is Responsible for a Security Breach?

Before you can assign responsibility for a security breach, you need to go back to the scene of the crime and understand where it originated. No easy task given the dynamic and complex nature of cloud computing environments.

4 Min Read June 23, 2016

Insider Threats: What You Need to Know and Do

Threats to your data and security don’t always start on the outside, orchestrated by a shadowy group of foreign hackers. Many times, it’s actors within an organization who carry out sophisticated and malicious attacks designed to steal money or IP — or both. While visions of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning come to mind when people […]