4 Min Read December 6, 2016

4 Ways to Make Tech Debt Great Again

The cursor blinks steadily as you stare at a line of code that seemingly serves no purpose. You’re trying to fix a bug that is clearly manifested in this code, but you’ve been down this road before. Deleting it seems innocuous, but what if this is the block that sends your Jenga tower of a […]

4 Min Read November 28, 2016

Too Big to Succeed: Monolithic Madness

We’ve all been there. You start your pretty new [insert language here] project, with a vow to do things right. You carefully discuss the project structure, you agree on what the database schema will look like, and your unit test coverage is at a staggering 99.8%! “It’s perfect,” you think as you crack that well-deserved […]

5 Min Read August 24, 2016

SELECT This! Scala Data Access Library Review, Part 1

At Threat Stack we love databases, and as we started to expand our Scala code base, we quickly realized we wanted to standardize on a way to talk to the RDMS within our Scala projects. As we explored the realm, we came across four projects that seemed to have the most potential: ScalikeJDBC, Quill, Jooq, and Doobie. […]

2 Min Read March 29, 2016

What’s on the Box!? An In-depth Look At OS Package Management

Recently, I had the opportunity to help build out our vulnerability detection feature here at Threat Stack. I stepped into this project as I had many others; trying to understand the problem, thinking about the scale, how to break up the problem, etc. This problem is something developers rarely think about: the operating system. Sure, […]