4 Min Read September 26, 2016

My Journey in Scala, Part 3: None is Better Than Undefined

Here’s the situation: At Threat Stack we consume a torrent of security event data every day, and as many new customers come on board, the amount of data we need to ingest, transform, store, and retrieve just keeps growing. About a year ago, we implemented a caching layer to allow us to display more aggregated […]

5 Min Read July 19, 2016

My Journey in Scala, Part 2: Tips for Using IntelliJ IDEA

After spending significant time in dynamic languages, learning Scala can be challenging, so having the right tools (like IntelliJ) at your fingertips can make all the difference.

5 Min Read July 12, 2016

My Journey in Scala, Part 1: Awakenings

When I started at Threat Stack over a year ago, I came in as a Platform Engineer expecting to work on JavaScript. I had no idea that Threat Stack would get bit by the Scala bug. But our first Scala app, created by another team member, went into production a couple of months after I […]