6 Min Read December 5, 2019

How to Transform Alert Fatigue Into Proactive Security Management — 5 Must-Read Blog Posts

The global cybersecurity talent shortage is real, and with 72 percent of CISOs claiming that their teams are facing alert fatigue, there’s not a lot of room for error when it comes to getting accurate, context-rich alerts in front of under-resourced teams. Traditional approaches to managing security alerts have often driven teams into a reactive […]

2 Min Read December 13, 2018

Threat Stack Introduces Bulk Data Export Feature

One of the biggest benefits of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® is the deep level of visibility we bring to observing operator behaviors in customers’ cloud runtime environments. We frame this discussion in terms of “security observability,” and it can be distilled into a single question: “If suspicious or risky behaviors occur on one […]

< 1 Min Read October 15, 2018

Introducing AWS EC2 Tag Integration

At Threat Stack, we are all about keeping you secure as you scale your business and your infrastructure. That’s why we have added the ability to use AWS EC2 tags to organize and manage the deployment of Threat Stack IDS and FIM rules in your infrastructure.

3 Min Read March 26, 2018

Threat Stack Introduces Rapid Baselining — Transforming Data Into Actionable Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges with alert-based IDS solutions is handling the sheer volume of alerts that can be generated on a daily basis. Teams need a way to navigate this data so they can quickly and effectively hone in on the critical details that indicate anomalous activity and tune alerts that are unique to […]