Are you a security company? Be afraid of Threat Stack Hackathons

Threat Stack was founded by extremely passionate and competitive individuals that want to make the lives of IT generalists and overwhelmed security analysts better. We plan on doing this by releasing incredibly useful and high quality software, uniting the defensive security community, and making our products accessible through a great user experience and affordable pricing.

Unfortunately, this has not been the traditional security company’s business model. The tried and true plan for most of these organizations is to spread FUD (fear/uncertainty/doubt), offer a trivially-developed technology solution, put it behind an overpriced paywall or a team of sales people, and aggressively market and position the product as a fully-featured enterprise security product.

We plan to completely eliminate the effectiveness of this strategy and help out a ton of people with a new internal company activity called Threat Stack Hackathons. The goal of each Hackathon is to disrupt the market by building a competing security solution at a level of quality beyond the current competition and offering it at no cost.

This weekend’s Hackathon will be focused around cloud based firewall management. There are a slew of companies that offer downloadable agents that allow you to remotely configure firewall policies through a centralized cloud-based UI. Most of these companies’ offerings are a simple wrapper on top of existing firewall technologies with a poorly designed user interface. At the time of this writing, Dome9, a popular player in this space, is charging customers $749 dollars a month for firewall management on just 75 servers.

On Monday we will be releasing a cloud firewall management solution to all users (not just paying customers) at no cost, for an unlimited amount of servers. At the time of this post we have zero code written. We’ll see you on Monday.

Have any ideas for our next Hackathon? Please visit our User Voice page and post suggestions.