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Announcing Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform

You know that feeling you got as a kid the night before your birthday? That’s been us over at Threat Stack for the last few months. It’s taken all the willpower we could muster to keep it a secret, but today we’re letting the cat out of the bag. We’re thrilled to announce the brand new Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® (or CSP, as we like to call it), the industry’s first fully integrated cloud security suite. Cloud-native and platform-independent, the Threat Stack CSP measurably reduces the expense and complexity required to identify threats, keep data protected and automate compliance requirements.

Intrigued? Read on…

Introducing the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®

We recognized the incredible opportunity to evolve with the many companies looking to move into or expand within the cloud. And because today’s security needs go far beyond singular point solutions, we answered customer’s needs with a complete security platform. This end-to-end approach to security — covering vulnerability management, infrastructure monitoring, threat intelligence, compliance reporting and more — is scalable to meet both the immediate and future needs of all companies running in the cloud. The result is immediate cost savings (read: your CFO will thank you), reduced risk and increased operational efficiencies through streamlined security and compliance workflows.

We designed the Threat Stack CSP from the ground up to be a fully integrated solution for companies of all sizes operating both in the cloud (public, private or hybrid) or on-premise. It’s a first of its kind platform that offers instant visibility and deep correlated context which enables companies to operate efficiently, prevent data loss and identify and verify threats. And this is done all while keep your data secure and compliant.

Tackling the Industry-Wide Security Problem

Gartner predicts that through 2020, 95 percent of cloud security failures will be caused internally. That’s why the Threat Stack CSP offers streamlined visibility into:

  • Integrated workload insights
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Vulnerability management
  • Threat intelligence
  • Compliance reporting

With Threat Stack’s new CSP, companies no longer need to piece together fragmented security products to identify insider threats, external attacks and data loss. Our platform does it all in one place, in real-time, so you can swiftly verify incidents and limit your exposure, liability and risk.

But don’t just take our word for it. Threat Stack customer Veracode’s co-founder and CTO Chris Wysopal explains:

“Having undertaken the move to AWS, Threat Stack has been instrumental in providing us with the visibility needed to identify insider threats, external attacks and data loss. With the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®, we’ve found an easy-to-use, complete solution that streamlines our security operations and provides actionable insights to improve our cloud security.”

Highlights of Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®

By integrating multiple key security indicators into a single security management platform, the Threat Stack CSP is able to identify data leaks before an opportunity for a breach is presented. Even better, our platform provides deep context through correlation to mitigate even the trickiest insider threats and external attacks using our Cyber Kill Chain mapping features.

To meet the demands of today’s fastest-growing companies, the Threat Stack CSP:

  • Auto-scales alongside rapidly changing infrastructure
  • Provides comprehensive vulnerability analysis integrations for workload, infrastructure and patch monitoring
  • Enables threat intelligence at the host-level as a key ingredient of the Cyber Kill Chain
  • Integrates with leading DevOps tools and workflows (e.g. PagerDuty, Docker, Slack) for complete security visibility
  • Features a read-only RESTful API that allows users to pull information into their organizations’ existing solutions
  • Provides detailed audit trails and compliance-specific reporting for numerous industries, helping companies meet HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC2 requirements.

At Threat Stack, we’re driven to develop the best cloud security solutions for fast-growing companies operating in or migrating to the cloud. We couldn’t be more excited to launch the Threat Stack CSP to the world today, offering the most effective and streamlined cloud security solution on the market.

The Threat Stack CSP is available immediately to all new and existing Threat Stack customers!

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