A Big Week: Threat Stack, Fundraising, and the Boston Marathon

On Monday I had the pleasure of watching the Boston Marathon and cheering on thousands of runners: some running for results, many running for a worthy cause, but all running with the common objective of ACHIEVEMENT!

It was a great experience, but before saying anything more, congratulations to all who made it to the starting line in Hopkinton and persevered through a hot day on your quest to the finish line. Your determination is nothing short of inspirational!

Many words could be used to describe what I observed at the marathon; however the ones that seem most fitting are: Passion, Goals, Patience, and Persistence. 

When you watch the premier runners, as well as the ones who are just putting one foot in front of the other to get to the finish line, it’s obvious they’re fueled by the same passion to achieve a goal. Without passion, and a goal, some wouldn’t finish, and many wouldn’t start.

However, passion isn’t enough!  Training for a marathon is a long journey — consisting of months of painful experiences. There’s no quick way of getting from your goal to the finish line.  You’ve got to have patience — the patience to drive forward no matter how long it takes, how painful it might be, and how far off the race may seem.

And finally, there’s perseverance. You need it to take you through the bad days as well as the good, through injuries, and days when you just want to quit.

Similarly, today’s business climate is tough; the days of investors throwing money at high-tech startups seem once again to be falling out of favor. In many ways, successful fundraising is like  training for a marathon; you don’t get to your goal overnight. As the saying goes, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!”

In the current investment climate, investors seek “athletes” (businesses) with the right DNA to prepare for, and ultimately run, the marathon. Like the marathoners, you also need a huge amount of goal setting, talent, preparation, and commitment driven by passion, patience, and perseverance. It’s the only way to reach the finish line.

So what was it like to be part of Threat Stack’s recent “fundraising marathon”?

To start, we set very aggressive goals — to build the industry’s best cloud-native, continuous security monitoring platform.  We put together an A-team made up of the best developers, sales, and marketing people we could find to drive toward this goal.

Training? We trained a lot, improving our platform, people, and processes, and in early 2016, we knew we were ready to run a marathon when we launched the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform™ (CSP) and announced a record year of growth for 2015! (Of course, we’re still training — it never ends — and now that we’ve hit our first goals, we’ve set new ones, to continually build the team, develop better products, and lead the industry to new levels.)

The race for funding? In a difficult market filled with skeptical people who really need to be convinced about the brave new world of cloud security, we came out winners, capturing the attention and support of Scale Venture Partners, Accomplice, and .406 Ventures — an impressive roster of organizations that have a proven record in SaaS and Cloud Infrastructure, along with a deep understanding of the connection between Cloud, Big Data, and Security.

In Boston, we know that marathons bring out the individual and collective best in people, and in my experience, working at Threat Stack has been a lot like running a marathon (which I have done). I’ve had the pleasure throughout my career of working/leading great companies across the finish line, and it’s never been a sprint. When you’ve got the right goal, the right product, the right team — as well as total dedication and deep passion — there’s no reason you can’t come out on top; as we proved in our recent fundraising marathon.

Sound like I’m exaggerating? Not if you’ve spent any time with members of the Threat Stack team or experienced our Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform™!

And my final point of this blog — do you know what marathoners do when they finish one race? They set their sights on the next race and then the one after that; fueled by belief, passion, and unstoppable conviction to achieve. So stay tuned to Threat Stack for more awesome marathons in 2016, and for all you Boston Marathoners, you will forever be BOSTON STRONG!