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50 of the Best DevOps Podcasts

DevOps is a challenging and complex field, requiring professionals to constantly seek knowledge and acquire new skills and techniques to improve their productivity and effectiveness. Fortunately, software engineers are great at compartmentalization and multitasking, which is where these DevOps podcasts come in. We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the best DevOps podcasts that both educate and entertain, provide tips and insights to make you a better software engineer, keep you up-to-date on industry news and innovations, and expand your knowledge of the vast DevOps ecosystem. This list is all about learning from your peers as well as the thought leaders in the industry who have been there and done that.

Success in the DevOps world demands that professionals constantly seek out new skills and expertise, but arming yourself with the right tools also plays a big role in DevOps success. The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®, for instance, integrates with your AWS account easily to provide deep visibility across your entire infrastructure, and it can be managed in your tool of choice, such as your SIEM or orchestration platform. By listening to leading DevOps podcasts like those featured in this list, you’ll learn how to choose the right tools that integrate well with your existing toolkit to support — rather than disrupt — your DevOps workflows.

Whether you’re just starting your DevOps journey or you’re a seasoned pro, everybody can use practical and actionable insights. Much like being a DevOps professional, things don’t always fit into neat categories, so many of the podcasts we’ve chosen cross the boundaries of the technical, personal, professional, and at times, humorous. But whether you’re in search of an easy way to stay abreast of industry news or an informative podcast to help you expand your skillset during your daily commute, we’ve divided our list of 50 podcasts into seven categories to make it easier to find the type of DevOps podcast you’re looking for:

  1. Independent Podcasts
  2. Dev Life, Culture, and Business Podcasts
  3. DevOps Podcasts From Companies, Publications, and Organizations
  4. All Technical Talk Podcasts
  5. DevOps Education Podcasts
  6. Technical News-Oriented Podcasts
  7. Product-Oriented DevOps Podcasts

When you’ve had a chance to scan the list, be sure to check out these resources as well:

Disclaimer: The DevOps podcasts listed below are not ranked in terms of perceived value or quality of content. Inclusion in or omission from this list does not imply an endorsement or criticism of any product or service. Our intent is simply to provide information that could help you add to your DevOps knowledge.

1. Independent Podcasts

Arrested DevOps


This is a podcast hosted by a group of IT and DevOps professionals holding various positions with different companies. They interview developers and engineers from some of the biggest companies in IT about all aspects of the state of DevOps, best practices, team dynamics, operations, and much more.

Three Episodes We Like From Arrested DevOps:

Software Defined Talk


This almost weekly podcast from three developers and engineers is the perfect blend of irreverence, quirkiness, and serious tech and DevOps topics focused on the world of enterprise software. The chemistry between the three hosts ups the entertainment value while their knowledge and insights deliver some important perspectives on the developer, infrastructure, tech, and software worlds for anyone involved.

Three Episodes We Like From Software Defined Talk:

Software Defined Interviews


This is a spinoff of the Software Defined Talk podcast with the same hosts, featuring interviews with some of the DevOps world’s major players including leaders from Chef and Google, among others. There’s also a healthy dose of people from the startup and venture capitalist realm.

Topics range from version control, AI ops, agile, and Kubernetes to GDPR DevOps connections, finance, tech predictions, and much more.

Three Episodes We Like From Software Defined Interviews:

Software Engineering Daily


This podcast from a software engineer and collaboration entrepreneur focuses on providing technical software topics that are up to date and informative for a broad DevOps and software engineering audience. His approach is to interview a wide variety of people from both major companies and startups in the tech world who provide insights on all aspects of software development that can be of benefit to everyone from the novice engineer to the seasoned veteran.

Three Episodes We Like From Software Engineering Daily:

Real World DevOps

The host of this podcast is a fellow developer and provides listeners with insights on what he’s learned as well as insights from the creators of popular DevOps tools, conference organizers, authors, and public speakers in the DevOps space. There are plenty of informative interviews with thought leaders from the engineering and DevOps world. While not associated with the podcast, the host is editor and industry analyst at Monitoring Weekly and author of O’Reilly’s Practical Monitoring.

Three Episodes We Like From Real World DevOps:

The Web Platform Podcast


The Web Platform Podcast focuses on web application development and features four members of the web development community. They individually and collectively interview members of the broader developer community on all aspects of web app development.

Three Episodes We Like From The Web Platform:

The Cloud Cast


This podcast delves into all things related to the cloud and application development. It features interviews from heavy hitters and regular developers interfacing with the cloud as they discuss the latest possibilities, challenges, and innovations in app development using cloud platforms in various ways.

Three Episodes We Like From The Cloud Cast:

The Hanselminutes Podcast


Seasoned developer Scott Hansel describes his podcast as “Fresh Air” for developers. It’s a commute-time show in which Scott interviews industry movers and shakers, such as Michio Kaku, Paul Lutus, Ward Cunningham, and Kimberly Bryant, covering everything from technical and career topics to personal anecdotes.

Three Episodes We Like From The Hanselminutes Podcast:

Floss Weekly


Floss weekly is a UK-based video and audio podcast that delves into developer education via a variety of guests who contribute to open source projects. Beyond providing knowledge on open source projects, DevOps, and programming, the underlying goal is to help developers become better communicators — the idea being that the better a programmer/developer can explain what they are doing to others, the better the final product.

Three Episodes We Like From Floss Weekly:

The Bike Shed


On The Bike Shed, hosts Chris Toomey and Steph Viccari discuss challenges with languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, and others, as well as their personal development experience and anything else that catches their eye or captures the DevOps community’s attention each week.

Three Episodes We Like From The Bike Shed:

2. Dev Life, Culture, and Business Podcasts

Greater Than Code


Greater Than Code features an ongoing panel of diverse tech panelists who look at the world of tech and DevOps from both a technology and human perspective. Topics include imposter syndrome, mental illness, sexuality, unconscious bias, and social justice. The primary emphasis on tech includes perspectives on skillsets that tech too often devalues, like team-building, hiring, community organizing, mentorship, and empathy. The show features a range of engineers and developers, primarily comprising a diverse group of women holding various roles with well-known and innovative companies.

Three Episodes We Like From Greater Than Code:

CodeNewbie Podcast


This is another podcast aimed at those starting their path to become a developer, featuring interviews with established developers from all walks of life. They tell their stories of career transition, touch on things to learn, and provide career advice for others. The podcast guests run the gamut from developers who are mothers raising kids to chief developers for some of the largest companies on the planet.

Three Episodes We Like From The CodeNewbie Podcast:

Developer on Fire


The Developer on Fire podcast focuses on the business and the people behind technology with an emphasis on helping developers on career, life, and business levels. Started by Dave Rael in 2015, Developer on Fire began as a way to step outside of his comfort zone and raise his profile. Developer on Fire focuses on highlighting the humanity of developers.

Three Episodes We Like From Developer on Fire:

This Developer’s Life

This podcast asks all the questions that constantly rattle around a developer’s head but does it from the standpoint of the developer’s life. Plotting a course, finding meaning in life, overcoming challenges, dealing with criticism, and much more all take on a deeper meaning when focused on the life of the developer.

Three Episodes We Like From This Developer’s Life:

3. DevOps Podcasts From Companies, Publications, and Organizations

TheNewStack Makers


This offshoot from the broader TheNewStack publication focuses on developers, software engineers, and operations professionals who build at-scale architectures that change the way software is developed and deployed. The episodes are a deeper reflection of the online magazine where listeners can hear from engineering and DevOps leaders working with some of the biggest companies and projects today. The topics range from the purely technical to the human side of working and navigating the DevOps world.

Three Episodes We Like From TheNewStack Makers:

SEI Podcast


This podcast, sponsored by the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, presents conversations in software engineering, cybersecurity, and future technologies. The SEI supports the DOD, private industry, and academia by providing research, prototyping, mission application, training, and education activities. The podcast reflects the organization’s shared knowledge and presents it to developers and engineers across industries and sectors.

Three Episodes We Like From SEI Podcast:

Gigaom Voices in DevOps Podcast


This podcast, sponsored by technology research and analyst firm Gigaom, is hosted by technology consultant Jon Collins. Collins hosts CXOs and IT leaders with a focus on how to scale DevOps in the real world as well as in the enterprise environment. Topics from these leaders range from things like Kubernetes, microservices and DevOps product releases, and security. Guests include the president of MongoDB and the director of engineering at Sauce Labs, among others.

Three Episodes We Like From Gigaom Voices in DevOps:

Nice Work Podcast

Nice Work is sponsored by Atlassian, featuring various experts from within the Atlassian ecosystem including technologists and business experts. Produced by ServiceRocket Media, the show focuses on innovative and collaborative work achieved using the Atlassian Suite.

Three Episodes We Like From Nice Works Podcast:

Jamstack Radio


This offshoot of the HeavyBit Industries developer program for startups focuses on app and website development. The podcast delves into all aspects of DevOps, featuring discussions with company leaders and developers from Atlassian, MongoDB, Gatsby, Graphcool, and many other web and app development tool companies.

Three Episodes We Like From Jamstack Radio:



The TapTalk podcast comes from the QA test automation consulting firm tap|QA. The focus is on providing listeners with the latest news, techniques, tools, and trends in quality assurance, test automation, and DevOps, along with other areas of interest in the information technology field. This includes a recap of the annual QA conferences and best practices in QA, as well as IT consulting as a whole.

Three Episodes We Like From TapTalk:

Channel 9 DevOps Interviews


This podcast, an endeavor called Channel 9, is from a group of developers and tech enthusiasts from Microsoft. Their goal is to share insights about all things Microsoft and DevOps with interviews from technical leaders from within and outside the company.

Three Episodes We Like From Channel 9 DevOps Interviews:

DevOps Radio

CD software platform company CloudBees is behind this podcast that tackles everything related to software delivery. There are both regular and revolving hosts who speak with consultants, developers, and company leaders. While they naturally delve into the details of the CloudBees approach, they also talk extensively with developers and solutions architect leaders from major companies like Bosch, Accenture, Capital One, and many others. Listeners hear insights from Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes developers as well as those from Mabi, Codeship, and many others.

Three Episodes We Like From DevOps Radio:

DevOps Chat


This streaming podcast is produced by the online magazine and hosted by Alan Shimel, the Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of MediaOps, the company behind The podcast features conversations with the leaders of major DevOps tool developers as well as company and organizational leaders who are recognized thought leaders across the developer continuum. The podcast, like the magazine, covers all the latest news and innovations in the developer world and goes straight to the source for deeper insights in their own words.

Three Episodes We Like From DevOps Chat:

The Free Code Camp Podcast


As an offshoot of the nonprofit organization Free Code Camp, this podcast of the same name furthers the education mission by interviewing software developers and engineers from large and small companies and organizations. They provide their take on DevOps while sharing their personal stories of how they got into the field. The podcast seeks to support those on their way to becoming a developer with examples of others who have succeeded while also providing practical tips on how listeners can achieve their professional goals.

Three Episodes We Like From The Free Code Camp Podcast:

Continuous Discussions


This podcast from Electric Cloud features discussions focused on Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI/CD). Each episode is a video podcast that brings together the host and a panel of seasoned pros to discuss the specific topic chosen for each episode, so viewers get a wealth of perspectives and a lively discussion.

Three Episodes We Like From Continuous Discussions:

ThoughtWorks Podcast

This podcast brings together a panel of senior ThoughtWorks engineers and technologists who discuss innovations in DevOps as well as trends across other tech boundaries. The panel discusses these trends and their possible impact on IT and engineers from the standpoint of programming languages, multicloud, DevSecOps, continuous delivery, and much more.

Three Episodes We Like From ThoughtWorks Podcast:

The Doppler Cloud Podcast


This podcast comes from Cloud Technology Partners, a Hewlett Packard company, and covers all things cloud for the enterprise with an equal focus on the developer angle. The podcast features interviews and discussions with some of the major players in cloud architecture across the Hewlett Packard universe, as well as major cloud players and solutions architects from other companies.

Three Episodes We Like From The Doppler Cloud:

All Things DevOps


Web and mobile application developer BigBinary is behind this podcast that takes an in-depth look at all things DevOps with a view of different aspects of infrastructure topics such as Kubernetes, Docker, and much more. While the podcast episodes feature deep discussions on the topics from Big Binary developers, they also bring in other thought leaders from different companies who discuss a variety of topics within the DevOps universe.

Three Episodes We Like From All Things DevOps:

Azure DevOps Podcast


This podcast is sponsored by software engineering firm Clear Measure. While Microsoft Azure is a big part of the mix (it’s in the title, after all), the host and his expert guests discuss all aspects of the developer pipeline, its tools, and how they can interact with cloud platforms like Azure. There are numerous interviews with company leaders and engineers with insights on app development, events, and news.

Three Episodes We Like From Azure DevOps Podcast:

DevSecOps Community Podcast Gallery


The DevSecOps Community Podcast reflects the diverse ideas, people, and interests of The DevSecOps Community website. The podcast clearly focuses on DevSecOps on an international level with experts and thought leaders from across the spectrum weighing in on a wide variety of subjects about app development and security.

Three Episodes We Like From DevSecOps Community Podcast:

DevOpsPro RadiOps Podcast


The DevOpsPro consulting firm sponsors this podcast. The hosts take a well-rounded needs perspective while providing insights in development and deployment from all angles ranging from serverless tools and Kubernetes to server management and much more.

Three Episodes We Like From DevOpsPro Radio:

4. All Technical Talk Podcasts

Talk Python To Me


This weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy focuses on all things Python and related technologies. It operates as a complimentary learning outlet to Kennedy’s courses that provide training and education on Python. The podcast adds the human element of the Python packages and frameworks by discussing how they are broadly applied for web and app development.

Three Episodes We Like From Talk Python to Me:

Test Talks


Test Talks comes from a seasoned test automation architect and focuses on educating DevOps teams and others on the ins and outs of successful test automation. The tips and tricks cover most of the popular tools like Selenium, SoapUI, rest-assured, Applitools, and SauceLabs, along with interviews with some of the biggest leaders in the testing industry. The approach is fun while remaining informative with lots of practical advice and approaches to test automation.

Three Episodes We Like From Test Talks:

.NET Rocks! Podcast


.NET Rocks! is a weekly podcast talk show for programmers using the Microsoft .NET platform. The episodes run the gamut from introductory information to advanced programming and developer topics. The podcast is hosted by veteran software developers and consultants for some of the world’s biggest companies and a Microsoft Regional Director who is also recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the area of ASP.NET development.

Three Episodes We Like From .NET Rocks:

5. DevOps Education Podcasts

Learn to Code With Me

This podcast is hosted by a self-taught developer who shares her knowledge with other new developers about all things DevOps. In addition to practical lessons on different aspects of coding for app development, the podcast features interviews with numerous developers, both known and unknown, who share their experiences and journeys to becoming a developer as well as insights on how others can overcome obstacles and get the education they need to become a coder.

Three Episodes We Like From Learn To Code With Me:

Software Engineering Radio


The SE Radio podcast is targeted to professional software developers and is managed by the volunteers and staff of IEEE Software Magazine, published by the IEEE Computer Society. The podcast is highly education-oriented rather than news-oriented, featuring conversations with experts from the software engineering space about a range of topics of interest to professional developers.

Three Episodes We Like From Software Engineering Radio:

Coding Blocks


Coding Blocks looks at software design best practices: design patterns, software architecture, coding for performance, object-oriented programming, database design and implementation, tips, tricks, and a host of other issues for developers. The hosts, who are all full stack web and database/software engineers, go deep into programming languages like C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Javascript, as well as HTML, SQL, and a host of other technologies relevant to programmers and developers.

Three Episodes We Like From Coding Blocks:

DevOps and Docker Talk


This podcast from a seasoned Docker course creator focuses on all things Docker and containerization in a question-and-answer format taken from the host’s weekly YouTube Live show. The host mixes it up with topic discussions and guest interviews covering all aspects of DevOps, cloud management, sysadmin, Docker, and container tools like Kubernetes and Swarm, and the full software lifecycle supply chain. Although the topics are designed to be supplemental to the host’s online courses, they can stand alone.

Three Episodes We Like From DevOps and Docker Talk:

6. Technical News-Oriented Podcasts

Stacktrace by 9to5MAC


The Stacktrace podcast takes a deep dive into the news and technical aspects of Apple products from a developer’s perspective in a way that appeals to both highly experienced and novice developers. The two hosts are from Brazil and Poland, and provide their listeners with information centered on Apple product development and the Swift programming language that looks under the hood and in the news to provide insights for an audience of developers.

Three Episodes We Like From Stacktrace by 9to5MAC:

Coder Radio Podcast


This podcast covers a little bit of everything but always looks at it from the developer’s perspective. From the state of developer tools to the latest news affecting the broader developer community, the hosts take a serious and sometimes irreverent look at the topic with a main course of actionable information and a side of the human factor.

Three Episodes We Like From Coder Radio:

7. Product-Oriented DevOps Podcasts

Puppet Podcast

The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management and cloud automation as well as DevOps culture. While the emphasis is on the Puppet DevOps tool set, the segments have a lot of information and news on the development world and navigating it successfully.

Three Episodes We Like From Puppet Podcast:

Microsoft Cloud Show

The Microsoft Cloud Show is hosted by Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson, who started the podcast to discuss topics of interest to the millions of IT professionals and developers who focus on Microsoft products and to keep listeners updated on the latest developments in Microsoft products.

Three Episodes We Like From Microsoft Cloud Show:

JavaScript Jabber

This podcast focuses on all aspects of development, coding, Javascript, and much more. As an offshoot of that takes the mission to empower programmers by helping them better understand the technologies, tools, processes, and possibilities of their craft, JavaScript Jabber furthers that mission with news and interviews of many movers and shakers.

Three Episodes We Like From JavaScript Jabber:


The longstanding podcast, focused on all things Python, features conversations with guests discussing the Python-based applications they’ve built. Hosted by an avid developer, Podcast.__.init focuses on all the technical specifics of writing in Python, making it a must-listen for any developer building a Python app of their own.

Three Episodes We Like From Pdcast._.ini_(‘Python’):

Ruby Rogues


This weekly podcast discussion by Ruby developers about programming, life, and careers has been around for some time and has a strong following. While the podcast does have all things Ruby as its launching point, it gets into all types of coding challenges, news, and tools as well as orchestration, containerization, and a variety of DevOps tools and processes with well-connected guests.

Three Episodes We Like From Ruby Rogues:

MS Dev Show


Hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer, MS Dev Show is a new podcast for Microsoft developers that covers a range of topics including Azure/cloud, Windows, Windows Phone, .NET, Visual Studio, and more. Topics are diverse and range from deep tech topics and career advice to discussions of the latest news impacting the developer world. Hosting duties varies with a revolving cast of experienced engineers and developers.

Three Episodes We Like From MS Dev Show:

Programming Throwdown


The Programming Throwdown podcast covers a broad range of topics with programming as the primary focus. Taking a no-frills approach with an open discussion among the hosts about coding and programming in terms of languages, careers, and challenges, Programming Throwdown is an informative listen for DevOps professionals.

Three Episodes We Like From Programming Throwdown:

The Changelog


A weekly show for developers focused on open source technologies and developments, The Changelog features interviews with the people behind the code and covers all programming languages, communities, and platforms. Guests include hackers, thought leaders, software engineers, and innovators from around the world, and listeners can also sign up for a weekly companion newsletter to get even more open source news and insights.

Three Episodes We Like From The Changelog:



RunAsRadio podcast host Richard Campbell is also the co-host of .NET Rocks, with this podcast focusing on IT pros and Microsoft technology. Episodes are focused on a single, specific IT industry topic, viewed and analyzed through the lens of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Three Episodes We Like From RunAsRadio:

Ruby Testing Podcast

This podcast from developer, speaker, trainer, and author Jason Swett focuses on TDD and Ruby but takes a broad look at it within the context of developer best practices for CI. Jason interviews several thought leaders on these subjects, including developers from leading solutions companies.

Three Episodes We Like From Ruby Testing Podcast: