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5 Years in Review: 4 Can’t-Miss Posts From Our Archive of 450+

Five years is a blink of the eye in time, but in technology, a lot can happen. This year, we’re celebrating the fifth year of the Threat Stack blog. We’ve been digging around our archives and analyzing the metrics to see what’s changed in the market since our inception, how our own product has evolved, and what topics are still tried and true.

Some things changed, and some stayed the same. Most interesting, we saw five of our personal favorite topics rise to the top in terms of article popularity. Some written several years ago, some written this year, they’re indicative of how the market is shifting and what companies are focused on today.

Without further ado, here are the four most-read articles of all time on our blog, and if you haven’t read them, data says you should.

1. 4 Things You Need to Know About SOC 2 Compliance

Most companies today are storing some kind of customer data in the cloud. With that comes the need to be SOC 2 compliant. An extension of SOC 1 (an on-premise data security requirement), SOC 2 ensures that a company’s information security measures are fit for the cloud. Customers, partners, and regulators often require companies to be SOC 2 before doing business, so it makes sense that so many organizations are reading up on how to do it.

In this post, we break down the four most critical areas of SOC 2 compliance so companies have a better understanding of how to meet them.

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2. The Top 7 AWS Security Issues: What You Need to Know

AWS has been the top dog for many years now as a cloud service provider. While they offer many security services to help customers protect their cloud, they don’t cover everything — nor should they. You may be familiar with their shared responsibility model (we write about it often), which outlines what services AWS takes care of (e.g., infrastructure security) and what you as a customer are responsible for (e.g., data and application security).

In this post, we explain how to think about securing your AWS infrastructure in seven key areas.

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3. The Ultimate Compliance Cheat Sheet: A Wrap Up of Threat Stack’s Cloud Compliance Series

We write about compliance often on the Threat Stack blog — and for good reason. As more data, applications, and users move to the cloud, especially in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance, compliance becomes mandatory. Many companies turn to Threat Stack to meet a broad range of compliance requirements, and through this we’re able to see in what areas companies struggle with security and what questions they have.

In this post, we recap an entire series we wrote on the topic. As a reference guide for compliance in the cloud, we weren’t surprised to see it in our top most-read posts.

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4. 4 Steps to Effectively Integrate DevOps Workflows With Cloud Security Practices

If you haven’t seen Threat Stack’s own DevOps expert, Pete Cheslock, at an event, you’ve probably read one of his blog posts. Before joining Threat Stack, he worked at several companies to help embed DevOps principles so they could operate faster. However, he found that this often came at the expense of security. On joining Threat Stack, he learned just how much this approach had to change. Pete is now an advocate for how DevOps teams can learn to operate securely.

In this post, Pete gives practical explanations on how DevOps teams, even with little to no security expertise, can build security into their processes so they can not only move fast — but be secure as well.

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What’s Next?

We’ve covered a lot of ground on our blog, but we’re nowhere near done. As more and more companies move to the cloud (whether it’s AWS, Azure, or the Google Cloud Platform), are required to become compliant, and evolve their DevOps principles to integrate security, we anticipate an even tighter convergence of all of these themes in the coming years.

We’ll be here covering it all, so visit us often for practical advice from the ground floor on what it takes to become secure and compliant in the cloud.

Interested in our take on other security subjects? Search our blog, and if you’re interested in learning more about Threat Stack’s intrusion detection platform, sign up for a demo.