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5 Posts to Revisit Before 2016 – #2 Identifying Insider Threats Within Your Docker Containers

This post is part of a series in which we review key cloud security topics from our most-read blog posts from 2015.

At the annual re:Invent conference this past October, Threat Stack announced integration capabilities with Docker as a part of the Threat Stack Pro suite of products and services. With this integration, Threat Stack customers utilizing Docker now have access to even more information to evaluate their security strategy. They’re able to ensure all activity within their application environment is secure and compliant, and they can act swiftly should a security incident occur. Docker adoption exploded in 2015, and given the vital context Docker can provide in correlation with host-based intrusion detection systems and AWS, it’s sure to become even more widespread in the year ahead. Click the link below to learn more about how Threat Stack works within Docker to give users the critical insights they need to keep secure in cloud containers:

Identifying Insider Threats Within Your Docker Containers