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25 Best Cloud Security Podcasts to Visit in 2020

It’s safe to say that everyone is impacted — directly or indirectly — by cybersecurity issues these days, and given that fact, security podcasts are an ideal way to keep yourself primed with useful, up-to-date information. Podcasts are ubiquitous, free, and cover every conceivable topic. Whether your focus is business, operations, or technology, whether you want information on a particular news story, or whether you need to drill into a specific technical issue, you’ll find a security podcast that suits your needs. There’s also an almost endless range of treatments: Do you want serious or humorous, a 5 minute hit or an hour’s deep dive, for example?

And that’s the challenge: The huge number of available security podcasts can make it difficult to find ones that are reliable, current, and meet your precise requirements. With that in mind, we’ve narrowed the field with this listing of 25 security podcasts to visit in 2020.

 Listen to Our Podcast “Your System Called”  

Naturally we’re proud of Threat Stack’s podcast — Your System Called.

Cloud infrastructure is changing, and so are the ways software is built and how these new systems are secured at runtime. Your System Called covers a range of cloud Security and DevOps topics with guests from within the company and around the industry.

Disclaimer: Our list of podcasts is not ranked in terms of perceived value or quality of content. Our goal is to provide you with a selection of security-related podcasts to help keep you informed of cybersecurity issues and best practices.

1. Security Ledger

 Twitter: @securityledger

Security Ledger is more than a podcast — it’s a comprehensive, independent security news site that includes everything from white papers to opinion pieces on information security related to business, commerce, politics and everyday life. Founded in 2012, Security Ledger has been recognized for breaking coverage of security-related issues, including leading-edge coverage of security related to The Internet of Things. 

2. Data Breach Today 

Twitter: @DataBreachToday

In its own words, Data Breach Today focuses on “news, opinions, education, and other related content to assist senior executives and information security professionals as they navigate the increasingly challenging world of information security.” The show mainly offers interviews with data breach and security experts and those considered to be thought leaders. Episodes are typically shorter and cover a broad range of security and compliance topics.

3. CyberWire

Twitter: @thecyberwire

With more and more news coming from cyberspace, CyberWire has created a daily program that aims to distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a daily briefing. The focus is on delivering concise, accessible, and relevant content. Each episode does a great job of showing you what the episode is about, so you can quickly choose whether or not the show will be of value to you.

4. Threatpost

Twitter: @threatpost

Threatpost is both a podcast and a news site focusing on information technology and cyber security for business. Threatpost’s editorial team produces unique content including security news, videos, feature reports, and more, publishing original stories and expert, in-depth commentary on high-priority news aggregated from other sources.

5. Brakeing Down Security

Hosts: Bryan Brake: @bryanbrake,‏ Brian Boettcher: @boettcherpwned, ‏Amanda Berlin: @InfoSystir

Twitter: @brakesec

Bryan Brake and his co-hosts bring you security topics that are likely to interest even the most knowledgeable listener. News subjects are covered, but the show is more about tips and training to help professionals better understand common issues. Topics include privacy, compliance, regulatory issues, and security.

6. BriefingsDirect

Host: Dana Gardner: @Dana_Gardner

BriefingsDirect is an informational show that focuses on B2B topics and issues. The podcast is put on by InterArbor Solutions and is hosted by one of their top analysts, Dana Gardner. It’s an ideal show for executives looking to understand how security issues can affect their business.

7. Crypto-Gram Security

Host: Bruce Schneier: @schneierblog

The Crypto-Gram Newsletter is one of the most popular digital publications that discusses technical and security issues. Bruce Schneier takes the monthly newsletter and publishes its content in podcast form. The Crypto-Gram Security program is highly tailored to security topics, making it a great choice for those in the industry.

8. Defensive Security Podcast

Hosts: Andrew Kalat @Lerg, Jerry Bell @Maliciouslink

Twitter: @Defensivesec

The Defensive Security Podcast is hosted by Andrew Kalat and Jerry Bell. It analyzes current events in cyberspace (i.e., breaches, hacks) and looks for practical tactics you can use for defense against and recovery from such events. The notes for each episode are great for research and include links to all stories, resources, and tools referenced. New episodes are released 2 to 3 times a month.

9. DevelopSec

Host: James Jardine @JardineSoftware

James Jardine has created valuable audio resources in the DevelopSec podcast. Each program is devoted to specific, relevant topics for IT professionals. These security-specific issues are covered in detail and range from interviews to broadcasts that are more tutorial in style.

10. Down the Security Rabbithole

Hosts: Rafal Los @Wh1t3Rabbit, James Jardine @JardineSoftware

The hosts conduct interviews with security professionals and provide analyses of current news. In their own words, they provide “a business perspective on the colorful and fast-paced world of information security. Bringing useful commentary on relevant events in the information security community, filtered through a no-nonsense business first approach, this is a podcast that helps you get the sane perspective on hacks, risks, threats, and technology that you need to help make decisions in your daily life and in your organization.” You may be down the security rabbit hole, but the structure of this show is handy to keeping your sanity.

11. Enterprise Security Weekly

Hosts: Paul Asadoorian @securityweekly, John Strand @strandjs

Few podcasts on our list cover such a niche (and an important) topic as Enterprise Security Weekly. Paul Asadoorian and John Strand tackle products, news, and security issues that specifically affect enterprises. Even if you’re not a professional working for a large organization, there is still a large amount of valuable content.

By the way: There’s a great discussion of Threat Stack and its 14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to a Cybersecurity Vendor blog post in episode #49 listed below starting at 8:10 minutes.

12. Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Hosts: Mark Mandel @Neurotic, Melanie Warrick @nyghtowl

Twitter: @GCPPodcast

It may seem that a program titled “Google Cloud Platform Podcast” would focus solely on that platform. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the valuable content put forth in the weekly podcast hosted by Mark Mandel and Melanie Warrick. Obviously, there is a slant towards Google, but many other topics are covered, including security.

13. Internet Storm Center

Twitter: @sans_isc

The name “Storm Center” is very appropriate: Global information security issues can rise up quickly and seem like an onset storm. This daily program is a virtual alert system consisting of short episodes (under 10 minutes). If you’d like something longer, most episodes have incredible show notes with in-depth explanations.

14. Cyber Security Interviews

Host: Douglas Brush: @DouglasBrush

Twitter: @CSI_Podcast

Cyber Security Interviews has highly skilled and sought after weekly guests who are influencers, thought leaders, and individuals who shape the cyber security industry. The show enables listeners to learn from the experts’ stories and hear their opinions on what works (and doesn’t) in cyber security.

15. Packet Pushers

Hosts: Greg Ferro @etherealmind, Ethan Banks @ecbanks, Drew Conry-Murray @Drew_CM, Chris Wahl @ChrisWahl, Scott Lowe @scott_lowe

Twitter: @packetpushers

Packet Pushers is a podcast network, of sorts. It consists of five hosts and multiple programs devoted to all things cyber, specifically data networking. “Real-life engineers” and their guests discuss many topics, including security. Anyone with a role in data management or networking will find something useful.

16. Purple Squad Security

Host: John Svazic @JohnsNotHere

Twitter: @PurpleSquadSec

Purple Squad Security is a newer podcast, but it makes a significant weekly contribution to cloud security. The program is all about information security and speaks to both defending against attacks and measures to take in the event of any issues. Each week, a different guest is brought on to discuss a topic related to the guest’s expertise.

17. Risky Business

Host: Patrick Gray @riskybusiness

Since 2007, the Risky Business podcast has put out a new episode nearly every week. The program features news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Designed for information security pros, the podcast has a running time of approximately 50–60 minutes, bringing in-depth treatments of subjects. Episodes are supported with a detailed “show notes” page with multiple links, details, and related episodes.

18. RunAs Radio

Host: Richard Campbell @richcampbell

Twitter: @RunAsRadio

RunAs Radio, launched back in 2007, is a weekly podcast for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products. In each 30-minute episode, podcasting veteran Richard Campbell, covers a specific topic in the field of IT from a Microsoft-centric viewpoint. Each episode features a guest expert, and focuses on relevant topics in the IT field.

19. Security in Five Podcast

Twitter: @SecurityInFive

If you only have a few minutes but want to take a thorough look at a security topic, this is your show. The Security In Five Podcast brings you security news, tips, and opinions in the areas of Information, IT, and general security.  The podcast covers a broad range of topics and is designed to help you strengthen your personal and business security posture. 

20. Security Intelligence Podcast

Twitter: @IBMSecurity

The Security Intelligence Podcast is produced by IBM and draws on experts and influencers in the information security industry. The subject matter not only covers enterprise issues, but also includes great tips for end users and individuals.

21. Shared Security

Hosts: Scott Wright @streetsec, Tom Eston @agent0x0

Scott Wright and Tom Eston have created a podcast that explores how security is now shared amongst people, technology, and social media.  It’s more important than ever to be educated about how new technology affects the security and privacy of our personal lives and businesses. Discussions cover information privacy, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile — all through the lens of security.

22. Smashing Security

Hosts: Graham Cluley @gcluley, Carole Theriault @caroletheriault

Twitter: @SmashinSecurity

In the words of its hosts, Smashing Security is a “helpful and hilarious take on the week’s tech SNAFUs. Data breaches, hacks, and vulnerabilities are the typical topics for hosts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault. Every episode is fully devoted to current and potential security issues. 

23. SurfWatch Labs

Twitter: @SurfWatchLabs

SurfWatch Labs is another slightly different podcast. The format is a series of Q&A sessions with expert guests in the information technology and cybersecurity industries. Discussions take on current issues that affect cyber professionals. From tools and tactics to help create a more secure environment to dealing with breaches, the interviews are candid and intensely helpful. The site states that listeners will “Learn how cybercriminals are shifting their tactics to exploit new opportunities, understand the tools and processes that can be implemented and practical courses of action to mitigate cyber risk to your organization.”

24. The GDPR Guy

Host: Carl Gottlieb @carlgottlieb

A great overview of GDPR while addressing many common questions about this relatively new but very important regulation that affects anyone doing business with EU citizens in any country. It includes hot topics and interviews. A must-hear series that also covers the DPO role in depth as well as things to consider in determining whether your organization needs a DPO or not.

25. Venturi’s Voice

Host: Andy Davis @andymkdavis

Venturi’s Voice is an interview podcast with Andy Davis as its host. The most knowledgeable guests in the cyber world come to discuss things they’ve done or are doing to improve their processes or security.

The podcast includes a broad range of topics including Culture, Diversity, & Inclusion; Data; Emerging Technologies & Business; Human Resources, Talent, & Career Advice; Leadership Styles; Methodologies & Skills Development, and more.