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Biz Owners Fret About Threats and Compliance: Survey Results

Whether because of the pandemic, or to take advantage of the speed and agility of cloud-based systems and solutions, more organizations are moving to the cloud. With that shift comes increasing concern on how to best monitor and resolve threats to cloud-native apps, APIs, and infrastructure, while also maintaining security compliance.

A recent Gatepoint Research survey of 200 cloud security and compliance pros – including CSO and CxOs; Cloud-Security VPs, DevOps / SecOps directors or managers; and cloud security engineers and architects – uncovers what concerns them the most about cloud-based security. These computer security industry experts come from eCommerce, EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and On-demand media industries, but their cloud-native security worries are universal.

The survey covers cloud-security issues such as:

  • How would you classify your threat detection and alert practices?
  • What type of systems are you using, and what percentage is cloud-based?
  • In both security detection and compliance, what issues concern you the most?
  • What cloud-native security issues are you focusing your attention on now?
  • What factors drive your organization’s investment in cloud security?

Knowing Threats: Cloud-Native Security Questions and Answers

Do these questions sound familiar? The results may surprise you – or support what you already think about cloud-based security. But the bottom line seems simple:
Large amounts of cloud workloads mean organizations are struggling with manual effort, compliance challenges, and new threats to apps, APIs and infrastructure, especially in the cloud-native environment. They want to improve their vulnerability and threat detection best practices, and achieve compliance in an easier, more effective way.

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For a discussion on how cyberattacks have increased during the past year, this F5 video is informative.

For more information about how Threat Stack helps answer these cloud security questions and concerns for organizations moving into the new post-pandemic world of business, with all its complexities, feel free to schedule some time with us today for a discussion.