No More Blindspots

Continuous Security from the Application to the Infrastructure Layer to Minimize Systemic Risk

How it Works

The Threat Stack AppSec Monitoring runs as a “micro-agent” to watch code as it executes. It sends critical telemetry to the Threat Stack platform, which notifies developers if it finds secure-coding mistakes — for example, the use of weak cryptography — and will provide explanations and code examples for fixing them. Once embedded into the codebase, the agent stays with the app throughout its lifecycle.

In a production environment, Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring watches application payloads for malicious behavior. With its full application context, AppSec Monitoring can block attacks, like cross-site scripting and injection attacks, in real time and with high precision.


Initialize Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring with a single line of code in your application. Currently, Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring is available for Node.js runtimes. Expanded language support will be coming soon.

Initialize Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring with a single line of code in your application.

Protect Your Application, the Top of the Full Stack

Reduce Risk Through the Entire Application Lifecycle

Reduce Risk Through the Entire Application Lifecycle

From local development through the CI/CD Pipeline and into production, Threat Stack AppSec Monitoring identifies risk and attacks at every stage of your application’s lifecycle. It protects both your own team’s native code and the third-party code in open-source components that make up the majority of most modern cloud applications.

Block Attacks with Precision

Block Attacks with Precision

By running inside your application, we identify and block attacks with surgical precision. Unlike WAFs, this approach is highly effective at securing microservice applications.

Understand Risk in Context

Understand Risk in Context

Busy security professionals need developers to be able to address application risk with minimal hand-holding. Threat Stack AppSec Monitoring trains developers on why the application may be risky and how to fix it — with training content, sample code, and other support. And if someone tries to attack your app, you can see not only what happened there, but also investigate the incidents across all the layers of infrastructure below it.

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Security isn’t just necessary for a healthy business. It accelerates the sales cycle, drives revenue, and opens the door for new opportunities. With Threat Stack services, you can achieve SecOps maturity without recruiting hard-to-find talent. Get the most from your Threat Stack platform. Book your services demo today, and conquer the cloud with Threat Stack experts.

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