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Cloud Security And Compliance

For Infrastructure & Applications

Threat Stack delivers real-time threat and anomaly detection across cloud workloads from build-time to runtime — so you can leverage the benefits of the cloud, securely.

Full Lifecycle,
Full Stack Security Observability
for Cloud Workloads

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® collects telemetry at every layer of the infrastructure stack: Cloud Management Console, virtual machine hosts, containers, orchestration, and applications. This provides security observability of your attack surfaces, regardless of their complexity or how your infrastructure changes.

With support for hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options, Threat Stack proactively reduces the risk of a breach and minimizes the impact of a security incident. Threat Stack’s Full Stack Security Observability helps you securely conquer the cloud.

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Applications Applications icon

Detect vulnerabilities in code and block live attacks in real time, throughout the application development lifecycle from development through production.

Managed Container Service Managed Container Service icon

Secure AWS EKS and ECS with deep visibility and insight into managed container services.

Orchestration Orchestration icon

Behavioral analysis of Kubernetes and Docker environments with pre-configured rulesets designed to detect suspicious behavior.

Container Container icon

The Threat Stack agent can be deployed as a container and built into daemonsets or machine images to automate container security.

The Host Host icon

Host-level agents for Linux and Windows provide deep telemetry across cloud workloads and help eliminate false positives.

Cloud Management Console Cloud Management Console icon

Direct integrations with public cloud providers help streamline security information from cloud services and detect anomalous behavior in the cloud.

Our MTTD dropped from days to literally seconds and minutes. It’s ridiculous and one of my favorite things about Threat Stack.

Lead Security SRE, Digital Product Design Platform

Built for Scale & Innovation


Events Analyzed Daily


Containers Managed


Reduced Time to Investigate False Positives
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Flexible Consumption.
Your Data, Your Way.

Threat Stack gives you the flexibility to detect and remediate incidents without changing your existing DevOps or incident response workflows. With RESTful API endpoints and built-in integrations, Threat Stack’s Cloud Security Platform works with the tools you already use. For deeper investigations, analytics, and retention of telemetry, Threat Stack’s data portability gives you access to normalized, enriched telemetry in your own data lake.

If security resources and expertise are a challenge, let Threat Stack secure your infrastructure 24/7 through the Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program℠. We’ll monitor, triage, and escalate incidents with context so they're actionable.

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Flexible Consumption

Trusted by Innovative Companies

Observability is hard in cloud environments. When you have servers you need host based detection on those systems. Threat Stack is a major component of helping Ping achieve its security goals. If you need host detection, you need Threat Stack. It’s as simple as that.

Ryan Ivis, Manager of Security Architecture, Ping Identity
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April 1, 2019
Enables us to monitor every production command that developers run and alert on suspicious commands

The number-one feature is the monitoring of interactive sessions on our Linux machines. We run an immutable environment, so that nothing is allowed to be changed in production... We're constantly monitoring to make sure that no one is violating that. Threat Stack is what allows us to do that.

January 30, 2020
Excellent tool for cloud security

ThreatStack is the cornerstone of our cloud security. They provide an easy, but powerful platform for monitoring our configuration and what is happening within our cloud systems.

October 28, 2020
It has most the config security check parameters in place for SOC audit

The best part is that with less effort you can implement in any platform (cloud or on-premise). with the most supported Linux distributions. Its support to Docker & Kubernetes also. And also provides an easy interface for administration. It currently integrated into the app-sec for latest technologies ruby , python & als...

January 3, 2020
Implementation was easy, value was instantaneous!

Extremely simple setup. We were up and running in minutes. The alerts and notifications into our Slack were invaluable. We received so much value from a security & compliance perspective simply by using ThreatStack. It quickly highlighted a few issues that we needed to remediate.

October 14, 2020
Low Maintenance - High Impact - Sleep easy

Having an actual person looking into our issues and reaching out to us (normally at the same time we are already looking into it)

March 25, 2019
Ties together containers, Kubernetes, AWS, and instance monitoring, allowing us to take meaningful action

Every other security tool we've looked is good at containers, or at Kubernetes, is good at AWS, or at instance monitoring. But nobody is good at tying all of those things together, and that's really where Threat Stack shines.

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