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Securing Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Workloads at Speed and Scale

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The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® monitors cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid and containerized infrastructure for intrusions, anomalies, vulnerabilities, trends, and misconfigurations.

See it in action through an attack simulation with Threat Stack.

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Security that Keeps Up With DevOps

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® is cloud-native and built for whatever your DevOps team throws at it.

Autoscaling? Containers? Orchestration? Threat Stack can handle it.

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Secure Your Containerized Environment

Security that Helps Drive Sales

Security is no longer just about protecting your business, it’s a differentiator. Threat Stack helps you build security into your processes and makes it easier to prove you’re meeting requirements.

How Allocadia Does It

Single Platform.
Your Entire Infrastructure.
More Attacks Averted.

Threat Stack combines a powerful combination of detection and assessment technologies to secure your entire infrastructure — from host to containers.

Gain Complete Visibility

Complete Coverage Across Complex Infrastructure

Security is no longer just about protecting your business, it’s a differentiator. Threat Stack helps you build security into your processes and makes it easier to prove you’re meeting requirements.

Host-Based Detection

Threat Stack monitors host activity, so you can stop an attacker, even if they’ve surpassed your perimeter controls — or if they’re on the inside.

Infrastructure Control Plane Monitoring

Infrastructure doesn’t end at the server. Threat Stack detects suspicious activity, like misused AWS keys or servers spun up in unused regions, then gives you the ability to track the attacker as they jump back and forth from the host.

Gain Deep Visibility

Context that Makes Investigation Easy

Detecting an attack is one thing. Stopping it is another. Threat Stack offers a timeline of events and the context you need to immediately understand what happened. No more digging through logs.

Behavioral Analysis to Detect the Unknown

Signature based IDS is only as good as it’s database — and most attackers aren’t on a list. Threat Stack looks for suspicious behavior to detect both the known and unknown.

Detection Points at Every Step of the Attack

Threat Stack’s unique combination of detection and assessment technologies look for attacker behavior at every step. More triggers means a better chance you’ll stop them early.

Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program

Less time hiring. More time securing.

Whether you’re a security team getting your arms around cloud or a DevOps pro with a compliance requirement dropped on your plate, Threat Stack’s team of experts can supplement your team’s strengths — from continuous monitoring to curating custom analytics and recommendations.

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Monitor Your Infrastructure for Malicious Activity

Provide Personalized Analytics and Recommendations

Help you Build a Cloud Security Strategy

Threat Stack for Security Teams

Gain visibility, management, and security from a universal control plane across your entire infrastructure.

Threat Stack for Operations Teams

Threat Stack empowers operations teams to embrace modern infrastructure and scale rapidly without being inhibited by security.

Trusted by Innovative Companies

Not only is Threat Stack easy to deploy, it’s easy to integrate with both new and existing tools. We now have continuous visibility into our processes and activities.

Arup Chakrabarti

Director of Engineering


With Threat Stack, we are able to get all the event data from the servers themselves, so we’re less likely to have an incomplete view of what’s going on across our EC2 instances.

Dave Dyk

Director of Information Security

Simple Finance

With the features that Threat Stack provides, our conversations with even the biggest healthcare organizations have become much easier.

Bradley Harris

Director of Engineering

Twine Health

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